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Saying goodbye 
To someone you love 
Is like reading the final page 
Of an amazing book. 

As the last chapter ends
You begin to notice 
Just how beautiful 
And perfect
The plot always was.  

You appreciate the joy 
And even the pain 
As you read and thumb
Through every page. 

Finally understanding 
The moral of the story, 
You realize you've reached
The end of this journey. 

Although the last sentence  
Is the most difficult to read
Another great book awaits 
Once you turn the final page. 

Eventually you may stumble 
Upon yet another great find.
Or maybe you'll return 
To the book you left behind. 

You may just discover
Once all is said and done 
That this particular book  
Was your favorite story 
All along.
I don’t know if you’ll ever read this, but if you do, I love you. I’m sorry, and maybe one day our paths will cross again. Till then, farewell and I wish you the best.
I’ve shed so many tears you’re unaware about.
Please, let me show you what I see in you.
I love you, Sabrina.
Even the brightest of colors eventually turns grey.
It’s my mantra
It’s my last breath
It’s engraved in my gravestone
”I’m sorry”
I love others more than I love myself; I hate to see others in pain, but when it comes to me. I'm fine.

— The End —