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 Jun 2017 Erika Johnson
Jim Davis
As the meadowlark
Singing after fresh spring rain
Poets need the same

©  2017 Jim Davis
Jesus Christ;
              Faith and peace,
        Selflessness and purity,
      Understanding and gentle.
Beautiful in soul non judgemental,
         All wrapped up in love.
            In a nutshell
                He Looks like
the skies and still

iamthe_avatar ©2015
Excerpt from Hillsong United's "Up in Arms".
with a thud and clink

of a locking door

my heart did sink

right down to the floor

like a half moon does

into the grey forest smoke

the lonely and lost

I am forgotten by you

the one I remember most

my house of heart

you once called home

now just a rented space

searching for a tenant

to love
The unexpected end of love or the parting ways of friends is a difficult thing for me to cope with. When someone who promised to stay, walks out on you in the end. For me it is especially hard, because it is difficult for me to open up, and once I let you in, like a memory, I can't get you out.
The moon
a silver dagger
in the night sky

carving light
like a chandelier
out of the dark silence
of my mind

conjuring you
with every breath
 Dec 2016 Erika Johnson
To you, my one and only unknown love, I bestow unto you my heart and burning desires.
I've dreamed of our wedding day, and much more to come.
But still with a blank slate, for you, my one and only unknown love.
he replaced the washer,
the refrigerator too

he liked new appliances; they
reminded him of her

especially when he opened the freezer and found
not a pint of her Haagen-Dazs Vanilla

the new washer contained old ghosts as well
for he blasphemed her by washing on hot

a prohibition when she was still here, for fear
of shirts shrinking, she always claimed

he wondered what words of hers would haunt him
when he gutted the wall for a new oven

maybe it would just be the longing for the smell
of cookies baking  (chocolate chip)

the ones she prepared for the grandsons, the day
she took a "quick nap" and never woke up
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