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Heavy Hearted Sep 28
Azure engulfs in rapt conformity
the sun a plastic sphere,
rays that shine in disheveled symmetry
autumn‘s spiteful leer.

A soothing break in sunlight’s escape:
a riveting wreck I infect
react with malice as seasons change,
plagues and creative neglect.

Seasons change and summer ends yet I still stay the same,
mammals are dislodged with change,
the moisture that cheated heat-insane;
now freezes frigid underneath.
still the seasons change. writing from 4 years ago. still charming in itself hehe
Heavy Hearted Sep 28
I’ve only come back to help you unwind,
not burn my paper fingers in your ashtray,
(now I’m laughing at the dirt on your mind)
But to place my swollen lips on yours? dismay.
“Too Little Too Late but we don’t say no…”
Why is it too much to feel?
I thought you had always known,
isn’t what scares you what makes it real?
Away, solemnly, while I now go,
a fleeting dispositions appeal;
too little too late; I still say so
as were crushed beneath the wheel.
not meant to be, when we’re not enough,
half of every truth, a hand to cuff-
Too Little Too Late but we can’t say no,
what prospects can you see?
If we both see it comin’ but still don’t go,
It’s not far enough for me;

Too little too late but we can’t talk about, the rite of ritual haze
1 on 1; start putting out, dance to dazzle and daze,
Addicted to, know I’ve become, ourselves lost in the maze
Burnt paper fingers,carpeted hallways,as
our heavy heads still tour the room-
tie my right hand to the ride,
too little too late, but never too soon
found poetry from too little too late, the song and prose sorce by emily haines
Heavy Hearted Aug 26
The sincerest example
of love
Is suffering.

To suffer
For what you love;
is to understand
Heavy Hearted Aug 21
I would like you to stay.
Stay where you've always been-
Where I once was. I would like you to stay
With me. And I know that it is wrong and
to even express
How still I long for you to stay- but I cannot bare the bruise
Of another milestone
Whipped at my head
though they're not even mine.

I never thought I would become all that I now am. I never thought I was this capable of hurting myself. I never thought I would be this alone surrounded by all the things I love and understand. I never thought this would happen so early on;
The great distance left bearing only heavier weights.

So I'll take whatever milestones I can
And abuse their theoretical beauty

The sleep

and breaking of my bones-

My last and final duty.
Heavy Hearted Aug 12
I've been blessed to know a few
who understand my pain and triumph too
N we'll know each other all our lives
as I'm all finished alone looking for knives.

Distance we make into a friend as still days alone I’ll dwell
Yet keep always the hope that their
future’s brightness is to sell.

While mine I auction off with ease-
addictions appetite is never pleased.

So quite different I am from both of them, as our unlikely trios formed
by want and need and struggle too while beauty and youth is mourned

A blessing for us to know this type, of friendship near or far

to know alone is not alone no matter where we are.

Kimia and Sammy, it's your two thoughts that I keep close

As the future that I contrived grows impatiently morose
For kimia and sammy- who have always silently made a stand with and for me. We're such different types of people yet I know we're connected for life. We're all pretty much on the same street, as we have been,  from childhood till now. This is the last month before you both move away for grad school, but I'll be here. I am so proud to watch you both go. Thank you for being yourselves.
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