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 Jan 2020 Eric Martin
One day ago
rays of gold
strayed from the fold
falling and following
paths unknown,
exposing things
nourishing plant

in the past
I sat back
and basked
in that
brand new light,
felt the rush
and blush
of new warmth
rising from within
ready for the sharing,
nurturing and caring
to conquer previous
shades of despairing.

Now, I am replenished.
My spirit once diminished
stands elevated and nourished
by the cherished light,
even though that glorious ray
has given way to the end of the day
and now I lay in evening shade,
I still sing its sweet praise.
As fireflies infinite lights a darkened sky
The memory of a perfect love freshly lingers
Her honeyed kisses I still taste with every breath I take
Her touch of healing still warm against my mournful skin
Her angelic face depicted in the stars
a wave of untainted emotion storms my soul
Our souls unbreakable promise to be entwined for all eternity
With every moment spent apart tears me to tears
A punishment unmistakably unbearable
The only solace a voice recalled…
The words drenched with hope dripping from her lips in ecstasy
         .....I love you…
Unbreakable love
 Jul 2019 Eric Martin
We had a difference in worn materials.
A difference in astral languages.
Difference in heart spoken feelings.
We had a different way of loving.
Different is good right?

You wanted something different,
and that's okay I guess...
But don't leave empty handed!
Just want you to know that you made a

                                             ~ Rainbow
 Jul 2019 Eric Martin
 Jul 2019 Eric Martin
I'm sat here,
Wasting my time,
Thinking up,
Memories that rhyme,

The flag hangs,
There's no life,
A homeless man,
Silently declines,

The black on the bricks,
Historic pollution,
Endless talks,
But no solution,

Empty balconies,
A silent square,
The wind fills out,
A questionnaire
 Jul 2019 Eric Martin
 Jul 2019 Eric Martin
With this metal nonsense the case is lost,
The answers were held in the diplomat's loft,
And as he pulled the ladder down,
He was killed at the order of the counsel to the crown,

A flare thrown up, the crackling began,
It all collapsed as truth escaped in a van,
Glowing charcoal, stained metal and ash,
Are all that's left of the enlightener's cache
Every time I see your lips,
The way they move when you talk to me,
Those eyes when you look at me,
So intensely. I’m in love. Deeply.

I’m hurt badly, deep down.
The sorrow of a good heart.
Just wanting to be loved,
Just wanting to be yours. Truly.

I want to hold your hand, firmly.
Hold you close to me.
Stare into your bewitching eyes,
Till the end of time.

I want to say “I love you baby.”
But sadly that’s something I just couldn’t.
Cause you weren’t here no more.
Not here to say that you’re mine.
Just when I realised, I’m in love with you.

If I could just go back in time,
To all the times we’ve been together,
I would like to save all our moments,
In a bottle just like Jim Croce.

If I could just see you again,
Kiss you on your cherry lips,
Tell you that I love you,
In your warm embrace.
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