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Erick Pratt Dec 2019
Your dreams, too wild, tell to me,
Ye who dare so zealously
For lofty ideas, unreachable goals,
Longing feverishly from your unquenchable souls.
Intense desires like wild fire,
Passionate yearnings that never tire.
Like springtime flowers in jubilant blooming,
Those brilliant notions ever illuming,
Share with me, fools and rabble rousers,
Mischief makers and thought carousers,
Those things the world does call absurd.
Let us all become bestirred.
Erick Pratt Aug 2017
Into the night my mind does wander,
Into the night my heart is lost.
And so I drift off into the yonder,
Like the wind that blows by barely.

Oft I feel a sense of wonder
And I worry not of the cost.
I consent my heart to quietly ponder
The gentle wind that blows by barely

And when my reflections are left asunder -
Into the air so swiftly tossed -
I reminisce of the spell I am under,
And return to the wind that blows by barely.
Erick Pratt Feb 2017
When you say you love me I know not what to do
Or to say except that I also love you.
When you say you miss me all I want to do
Is go to where you are just to be next to you.
When you say you need me I know that it is true.
And this way I feel inside says I need you, too.
Erick Pratt Feb 2017
Patiently I am waiting
Waiting for you to say
To say what I have been
I have been waiting for
For you I will wait forever
Forever I want to be
I want to be with you
With you I want to share
Share the way I feel
I feel so much for you
For you I am waiting
I am waiting here for you.
Erick Pratt Feb 2017
Off in the distance he heard the sound of the coming storm, a storm that would tear the very life from him.  Then, over the grey ridge, he saw it: two hundred, running up and over the stone hill, charging with full force.

He turned and began to run, attempting to escape the oncoming onslaught.  He soon approached a stone wall, the same height as his shoulders, and he began to climb it.

The he heard the beating of the drums coming nearer, nearer, nearer.  He finally stepped onto the top of the wall, then turned to look behind.  And as he did, arrows flew, and one struck him in the chest.

Slowly, painfully, he knelt down on the wall.  Then, in an immense struggle to stay alive, he fell down to the ground behind the wall.

The drums sounded and moved away, farther and farther still.  And as the army retreated back, still one drum he could hear: his heart’s rapid beating, the last sound he heard.  Slowly, the dim light and the beating faded away.
Erick Pratt Feb 2017
In a darkened, blackened room,
A sound exploding in my mind.
My ears become red with pain,
My eyes go blank and blind.

In a terrible, horrible place.
My face explodes with worry,
My heart pounds with fear,
My vision becomes blurry.

In a darkened, blackened room,
The sound I heard is gone.
The darkness fades away.
The world becomes calm.
Erick Pratt Feb 2017
Hateful wind of burning fury.
A gavel’s bang – my vision blurry.
Convicted by judge and jury
For a crime I do now know.

Imprisoned now in a this cell,
Living through my daily hell.
What is truth?  I cannot tell.
And I pace here, to and fro.

An unclean mind is what they told me.
Totally crazy, total insanity.
Schizophrenia – a total of three,
****** but by only one.

Killed them all with an axe.
A killing frenzy, my mind was cracked.
Each and every one was hacked.

Deranged, demented, quite insane.
Three different people, but one in the same.
Killing people was only a game.

Will you play with me?
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