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  Feb 2022 Erick Snyder
Chelsea Rae
And when I can see you in your highest light,

I would call you My Grace,

For how well you have demonstrated it, again and again.
"Forgiveness isn't a feeling. It's a decision to offer grace instead of demanding justice." ~Dr. Gary Chapman
You deserve someone who gives you
More than a shoulder to lean on--Someone who gives you
Their right arm,

Someone who protects your heart,
Nourishes your soul,
And keeps your spirit
Away from harm.

You deserve someone
Who brings out the very best in you,

Someone who appreciates
All that you are
And all that you do.

You deserve someone
Who wants you to be
Nothing more
Or nothing less
Than the real you,

Someone who will never
Extinguish the light
From the fire
That burns deep within you.

By Lady. R.F. (C)2018
Is her spirit,
Her wings
Are without feathers...

For decades she sat
On a brittle thorny perch
Bound by rope
And heavily chained

Every step,
She was walking on eggshells...
For, she was doomed
By the evil, selfish and wicked
At heart.

Not in the name of love,
But for fulfilment
Of cruel, greedy obsessions -
For such selfishness
Her soul was torn,
Tainted and pulled apart.

She once flew
As high as the heavens,
Now, A stranger,
She is to herself.

Her cage is now left open,
It is, but for her fears,
That she remains perched
Like an old book on a dusty shelf.

Mentally, she still flys
To the highest of heights
And dives deep, inward,
Into her own psychological abyss ...
But sometimes she finds her internal universes to be too draining,
Making such journeys
Mentally and physically
Too hard.

She is no longer
In restraining tethers...
But scarred.

By Lady R.F. (C) 2018.
  Dec 2015 Erick Snyder
Dhaye Margaux

How many nights will I look next to me
Only to see a pillow and not you, my dear?
How many times I will whisper your name
Only to prove that you will never hear?
How many paper rings I will make
Only to fold and hide them somewhere?

How many poems I shall recite
Only to tell them nothing is about me?
How many times I will tell a lie
And assume something I don't see?
How many times I will hear a song
And let imagination feed my fantasy?

How many times I will cry
With this cut that I need to mend?
How can I stand and how long?
Will you come? Tell me, baby, tell me when...

Or I am just dreaming again?

To those who are dreaming and still asking questions...
  Dec 2015 Erick Snyder

In another time,
will you still love me?

In another place,
will you still meet me?

In a fleeting moment,
will our stars meet?

I guess I should give up,
knowing you're not there...

but then I'll better wait,
Patience is all I have left...
  Dec 2015 Erick Snyder
Natsumi Nakai
when I'm looking at you
and you're looking back at me
I wonder how
the gods were
able to shrink a thousand
into those eyes and
I wonder how
an entire galaxy
can spread throughout
the palms of your hands

how I wish you were just the
sands in the ocean
within my reach, easy
to grasp
or the trees in the mountains
where I could wrap my
arms around

but there you are
yes, beautiful and
shining bright
but from where I stand
too far away
to hold

too far
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