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erica lynn Sep 8
if i talk, i will ruin.
we wrote some six words stories in creative writing yesterday, here's mine :)
erica lynn Sep 5
i hate feeling listless
everything in my life is lists
everything i need to do is put on to do lists
so my short term memory loss won't **** up my life
i have lists upon lists of things about myself
because if i don't write it down i'll forget who i am
i just went to the grocery store
i needed to get flour
and vegan cream cheese
for the blueberry bagels i made yesterday
i got lemons, and strawberries, and i was going to get oranges
to help my vitamin d
which i finally got confirmed via blood test
it was also confirmed that i have an iron deficiency
i guess all my dizzy spells had a reason after all
i got crackers and thai peanut sauce
but i forgot the flour
and the vegan cream cheese
the only things i really needed
which reminds me that my plants needed to be planted
and they've been needing it for a while
and yesterday i finally planted them
and i named them nellie and nigel
my neglected pothos that i've been propagating
for the equivalent of "way too long now"
i also got a new plant
it's an ivy
i named him gilbert
i want to get another plant soon and name it cabbage
it won't be a cabbage plant, of course
that would be too on the nose
i just think cabbage would be a fun name for something
i just ate a bunch of my strawberries
that i got at the grocery store
before that i took a shower
i'm trying to do that more
i hate how my hair clings to the back of my neck
and how my bangs cling to my forehead
and how the water clings to my body like it'll never come off
but i've noticed that sometimes it helps me
from feeling too listless
which i've been doing a lot of recently
and i've been doing all these things that are supposed to help:
- going grocery shopping
- making blueberry bagels
- getting blood tests
- planting my plants
and eating strawberries
but maybe all i needed to do
was take a shower
and hate the hair clinging to the back of my neck
and scrub the listlessness
off of me
and be clean
long time no see

here's some unimportant rambles

i should be writing a bit more since i'm in school again and taking a creative writing class. i'll try to share some **** when i can :)
erica lynn Jul 6
i’m saddened by the fact
that i don’t remember the exact shade of your eyes
they were green, i think
leaning towards hazel
but maybe they were blue?

but i know you have freckles across your nose
i know your skin was baby smooth under my calloused hands
rubbed raw from my attempts at learning guitar
so i could serenade you

i know your hair wasn’t blonde
it was a silky gold
i remember when you cut it all off
on your birthday
and i did the same a few weeks later
just trying to impress you

at least, i think it was on your birthday
my memory’s gone bad
i curse it every night for letting me forget parts of you
for getting the facts wrong,
letting me hate you

and i’m saddened by the fact
that i’ll never get a refresher
get to run my fingers through your hair
let them linger quietly on your collarbones
memorize every part of you

i’ll never get to stare into your eyes again
quiet my thoughts that love to argue
in the back of my head, every day
“were her eyes green or blue?”

i’ll never get to serenade you
strumming my fingers against the strings
singing for the world to hear,
“dorothea, from you i’d buy anything”

i’ll never get to whisper into the phone
locked in my closet, curled up alone
“every time the leaves fall i think of you
how you took care of them until the weather turned blue”

and i’m saddened by the fact
that i’ll never say “i love you” and hear you say “me too”
and i’m saddened by the fact
that i never really knew you
okie dokie here's a quick one that's kinda **** and doesn't really rhyme but it's okay because at least I'm writing again

the lyrics in verse seven are from dorothea by taylor swift
erica lynn Jul 3
hello, and thank you for choosing we’ll get you there safely airlines
our robot planes are top of the line
and our human supervisors are awake half of the time
left my house for the first time in a year!! flying is **** but the trip was fun. we got back about a week ago :)

this is a short one i wrote on the plane ride there after listening to “last words of a shooting star” by mitski
erica lynn Jun 16
sitting in a doctors chair
trying to get diagnosed
not gonna do anything about it
i just wanna know
currently writing my verses to that funny feeling
erica lynn Jun 10
She comes in with the moonlight and knocks on my door
It silhouettes her curveless shape, all hard lines
The hungry glint in her eyes tells me she wants more
So I climb into my bed, close my eyes with a sigh
Conjure up some dreams so she can stuff them inside

She looks over me while I sleep, reaches her hand into the depths of my throat
When she’s done emptying me out, she stitches my lips shut
Wires silencing, leaving the room empty for her to gloat
“I have you under my spell!” she whispers gleefully as she cuts
I want to tell her that’s a lie
I want to tell her I have never complied

But I have bent to her will like a willow in the wind more times than I can count
I have opened my door to her hollow eyes and offered to fill them up
I have kissed her lips and declared our love as the one that will never fade out
Or fall through
I don’t know what to do with you
And your savior complex

You tell me that I need saving, and she won’t give me it
You tell me she needs someone specific, and I can’t be it
I am the sun, and she is the night, and all that *******
And there’s some part of me that knows you’re right, but I just can’t find it

She is as tempting as Persephone’s pomegranate,
Her lips stained just as red
Her eyes sparkling like a bandit,
That’s just found her treasure chest

She is at her never-ending feast, picking through my dreams
I’m just trying to make ends meet, plucking on the strings.
sorry it's been forever!

new depressive episode is coming in, so i should have some new stuff relatively soon

i'm also working on an aphrodite musical, so i can post some of that :)
erica lynn May 31
nighttime buries me in the crook of her neck
smoothes out the wrinkles in my heart.
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