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Erica Roberts May 2014
The fingers of my rib cage
Clench around my heart
Grasping at reality
Yearning for a new start

Pulsating against bone, swelling with need
The heart starts to die with the ache to be free

My seed can no longer blossom
Having no more will
Rotting from the inside
Decomposing and becoming still

Because the pain you can not see,
Is the deadliest you can feel.
Erica Roberts May 2014
I will not be a victim of this epidemic tidal wave
Nor will I succumb to it’s seductive pull
Because you can only drown so many times
And I am no unknown fool
To the sadness.

And I will not deteriorate with the sand
From the power of the wave
Or be put in a position where
Erica Roberts May 2014
I wish there was a way to articulate
your sunbeams and moon rays
Or how often the kindling in your molten brown
burn fiercely
so fierce I worry the fire will shatter
and float and be engulfed by the dark
that my skies so often provide
But in my space you have planted galaxies
to which cause me to breathe you and see you
in different colors of bright
that become my epitome of hope
And I realize you became light
so I could still see the universe
with my eyes closed.
Erica Roberts May 2014
"Get up."
A decade ago, and I have yet to unseen your face, unsmell your scent.
"Get up."
A decade ago, and the palms of my hands still sweat at random moments of the day, my muscles tensing, waiting for you to call my name.
A decade ago and you still find ways to get me, not a dream you have ever let me be.
A decade ago and the imagery of it all going down still haunts me, though I’m sure you have forgotten by now.
A decade ago and I have not yet felt relief, not since a knock interrupted, and you told me to quickly get on my feet.
A decade ago I couldn’t move from my seat.
I still haven’t got up.
"Get up."
Trigger warning: ****** abuse
  May 2014 Erica Roberts
I will not let the blood of my ancestors
to be shed in vain
Where they have fought for our freedom
yet my generation are quiet

I will not let westernization
ruin my soul and tatter my traditions
I will not let the westernized beauty
blind me from my culture’s beauty

I will not let the blood of my ancestors
to be shed in vain
Where they have fought for the earth that is now free
the earth where my soul thrives on

I will not let the television
brainwash my perception of spirituality and religion
to make me question that who I am
is wrong

I will not let these white-washed books
to create gaps in my history
I will not let the blood of my ancestors
to be shed in vain
  May 2014 Erica Roberts
Elise Reid
I love you my dear!
This much is true.
And every time I’m lonely,
I think of you.

I need you not, no,
When my suitors all surround me.
But, when alas they disappear,
I love you oh so madly!

My lover’s skin is soft and warm.
His kiss all I could desire.
But when he’s gone, your pasty skin,
My heart it sets on fire.

Dawn to dusk; from here to there.
Too busy to be lonely.
But at days end, distractions gone,
My heart cries for you solely

No, first pick you are not.
And so in my heart, your love can never please me.
But, this I know to be ever true,
I love you! I love you! When I am lonely.
This is a humorous poem that was inspired by the song "Love the One You're With." It is about a young women who is deeply in love, when it's convenient.
Erica Roberts May 2014
This transparent veil to cover transparency is suffocating me.

I want to rip off this fabric and know that when I touch your flesh you feel the compassion, not the contact
I want to knock teeth when we kiss and hear thundering laugh and not the muffled titters of nervousness
I want 10 minutes to go by and we're already buried deep in our conversation via messages
Because I don't care.  I don't care that there's this new found stigma that caring is out and mysterious is in. Because I don't care if you text me without a reason, because oh hey!  I was just thinking about you!  Because I like your company, because I'm tired of deciphering ambiguous words.  Because life isn't a ******* code.  It's thrilling, it's open, it's here.  I'm here.

I want you to know I'm here.

— The End —