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When destined to fight the Dragon

wisdom leads us to its layer, Before;

Before it can reach our home.
There's no more them- only us.
All as one
Eric Pon Mar 5
H for the humility be it here or there
U for understanding  yet so  unaware
G for the good and also the great
O for opinions we insinuate
Eric Pon Mar 3
In this hole, I try to show, all that I could be
But alone, potential doesn't grow-
into reality.
it needs the brilliant might of honesty,
to seize it's fading chance-
To see and speak in truth's real tongue
is to obliterate romance.

to sacrifice advice once sung
and to watch the people dance
is but a different way to wave goodbye
as the memories entrance.
Eric Pon Mar 3
Lonely day and solemn night
Guide this pallett to the light
& Let the fear and need create
What words cannot communicate

The Painter;

a ***** to love and duty,
Passionate anguish;
Desire and beauty.
Free verse
Eric Pon Feb 15
many little bits and pieces
are what create the whole
take a person, for example
body mind, and soul

every idea behind every word
are lonely letters near
until they form a distinct thought
confusion unto clear.

even this piece is made of bits
or random artful thoughts
strewn together in tragedy
love it or like it not-

every single thing you know
are made of tiny parts
and once you truly learn that friend
gift control over it's art.
Eric Pon Jan 16
My heart is heavy at the gates
Where I was caught before;
Could catch my breath beneath the light -
Kneeling at the door
Gothic bars locked from inside
Thrice absent as sorrow states;
Alone theres nowhere left to hide-
My heavy heart beats; at The Gates-

Waged war unto, through words themselves  
Im obsessed with this fight,
My heart is heavy at the gates -
Forever sealed despite.
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