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Enia Jan 3
Let's burn bridges, 
and wonder about the unborn child crawling beneath our sanity 
that will never be born. 
Scratching our grit and 
flipping our eyeballs for a while,
As we see a glimpse of the lives
we never live.
Enia Oct 2018
I am dancing
with your demons,
and you're dancing
with mine.
And for a moment,  
we forgot we're in ****.
We're not living, we're just killing time.
Enia Sep 2018
Poured concrete
on the silver lining shape
Sinking in its flesh
of what was once
a *** of red nectar flames
A molded misfit;
Immune from the
epidemic ethereal disease
Enia Nov 2018
This cave is huge;
It contain multitudes.
A station where comfort resides;
It is mine and only mine,
Freedom and prison coincide.
Darker and darker
as I go deep,
Pitch black is all i see.
I think I'm lost
and I heard something..
Enia Aug 2018
Let's play a game,
of who'll be the one
that will keep sane
Enia Apr 5
Are we really that comfortably unconcerned
that after we die,
our digital footprints
are left behind?
Just clustered trails
of our digital souls as if they're really that essential other than our physical presence - piled up from inactivity found in just one click from a mere search bar available to whoever dares to know about our false relevance.
Enia Sep 2018
"Everything In Its Right Place"
The last song syndrome
In this sick room
Agony, do you hear?
Ringing in my ears
Tension in the air
Spiderwebs will unweave
I hate wearing
my heart on my sleeve
Enia Nov 2018
Poetry can be contained
by its principles
but it's up to you
whether your poem follows
a certain structure or
it follows you.
Enia Aug 2018
Information overload;
Cognitive dissonance
Too much consciousness;
Expand the mind
But makes the soul weak
Finding the truth is a bargain
Of wanting to die and wanting to live
Enia Sep 2018
She kept it locked in the basement,
cause its presence feels
sentimentally foreign.
As she goes on with the mundanity,
  bombarded her
            with loud knocks and
                    screams of
euphoric profanities
"Let me out!"
Disrupting her sanity,
excess skin of off
          her thumb and peeked
                 through the hidden *****
                           and there she saw..
       A creature morphed into a gigantic mess.
Feeding on restraint.
Enia Feb 6
Let the cold weather deep freeze our soul,
And let the sun shine deep fry it.
But after the extreme,
Do find the in between.
Let it melt under the shade of the past,
And let the scorching rays of hope find it.
Enia Aug 2018
A lightning struck a tree
People started acting panicky
How I wish that lightning struck me.
lightning death wish fantasy agony life
Enia Sep 2018
I want color
Give me another
Dark pigments on your palette
Forgot you're color blinded
Red and green longed to be seen
Unable to feel
Contrast thriving
on canvas yearning
How can I paint colors on you
when my pigments lack bright hue
Need ROYGBIV. Stop painting black on my already blacked canvas.
Enia May 9
Mindlessly strumming
Two unmet lines pit-a-pat
my wandering mind
Curl a finger flick a string
Small vibration made it scream
Enia Jan 30
Hoping to meet a familiar gaze
from the concrete faces,
in the old place,
with some old ways.
As if to view from a pinhole image of
a dancing ghost from the bond
we shared.
But only exchanged,
Tones of ambivalence,
And unfamiliar stares.
Enia Sep 2018
Smoke of delusions
Pollute the air
From the ironies of the stroking cheer
Enia Dec 2018
Accumulated dust on the window pane,
left unclean for a seasonal detain.
You swing out the casement,
powder clouded the air,
But, you don't care.
Instead, you lean out,
your face caressed by the outside breeze,
tousling your hair.
Sun rays landed on the cheek, 
shadows on the crease.
You try to breathe.
Your eyes squint, 
the dust might have been.
some blurry
distinct entities
of love, pain,
hate and shame
comes running down your cheeks.

Rubbing incessantly, 
      blaming the wind.
Enia Oct 2018
Two black holes
too close,  

   Blasts of cosmic dust,

      Waves of homesick energies,
                  Specs of the losing light,
       in to the blackest dense of black.
Enia Aug 2018
When you steer the unknown
He'll be chasing around
Let your guard down
And you'll be the one who'll drown

— The End —