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Is pain considered a drug when you keep coming back for it? For more?
 6d Enia

Last week

seven of my

children were

all together for

the first time

in along



and as

each one

came into

the room

to greet me.

I felt my roots


deeper and

deeper to

the center

of the


and in

their smile

I saw the

smile of

my father,

the smile

of my


and as

I drank

in their


I became

drunk with


and when

night fell

I looked up to

the heavens

took a deep

breath into

my soul.

then I


every star

and shimmer.

up above

my head,

and I knew

and I

was certain

I had finally

found my

place in

the universe.
 6d Enia
they ask me nothing of myself,
nothing of my mind,
nothing of my values,
nothing of my morals,
but speaking of themselves is easy,

my appearance may be part of who I am, but it does not define me
it’s disappointing getting approached by people who don’t have the ability to or choose not to explore your mind, and your outer appearance is all they are fixated on.
 6d Enia
Jon York
I want to
               feel  the  heat
                 of my own
          breath bounce back
                  and warm
             my  lips  after  I
           strategically  place
                     them on
            my  favorite  places
                 of your skin.

                    I want to
           everywhere I have
               not yet kissed
               spend the night
                     trying to
                    them  like
                                                                                     Jon York   2019
I used to wait for a letter
But no owl ever came
After waiting for forever
My own owl I became

life is short- yet still,
they don't start living until
death comes near the door
just a little blurb of thoughts
 May 10 Enia
Salmabanu Hatim
Once a wise sage told me,
" Pen down your experiences,
feelings, emotions and encounters on paper.
That would be the greatest gift you can gift your generation."
That was a push for me to write poetry
I have been
on this rubberband for days

I keep pulling
and stretching it

I quickly release it
until I hear it

It hit me quite hard
up against my wrist

The minutes and seconds
are raking again
The strands of my hair
on the ground

I feel

Or even worse


Like a shallow river
in the street
After several days of rainfall
I'm an overbanking creek

I flood the town

As if I were the ocean but
there was never
any depth
There was never
any substance
to this interest

Because you
Never felt important

Well, I did not either

And so I lie flat
on my bed
Until I let

Do open heart surgery
It makes a mess of me

And then it stitches me up

Necessity has the teeth of a dog

But I let it burn through
And in my own dissonance
I mother significance

Swarming out of my chest
Until the rubberband breaks
There is a knock at the door,
Someone has come to meet me,
Maybe my wait is over.
Who has come?
Who has strayed?
I will not inquire.
No one has come visiting me
From the time I came to know
I was not alone in this world,
That was very long ago.
I can talk and laugh.
I think
I should open the door.
Why hesitate.
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