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Dec 2018 · 275
When my heart speaks
I spill out my heart
She reply's with a word
Why is it this hard
Am I not being heard

I show my affection
She shows me none
Is this her intention
I think I'm just done...
Doesn't feel good
Nov 2018 · 476
always there
You're the angel of my dreams
The hero of my nightmares
You're always there for me
When life's too much to bare
Nov 2018 · 231
Nothing but a burden
Why have I become
This hopeless burden
What have I done
How did this began

Why won't she admit
I'm just a bother
We both know it
And that I'm sure
I annoy the **** out of her, I just wish she enjoyed talking to me as much as I do her
Nov 2018 · 194
First Day In Love
We talked for a day
I was instantly in love
But there's no way
Is this really love

Just the thought of her
Sends me shivers
But I can't be sure
Until I kiss her
A really sloppy poem
Oct 2018 · 539
My Cure
I abuse them
They abuse me
But I let them
They help me see

They call it drugs
I call it cure
They're far better than hugs
They help rid all my fear
Pills feel good
Oct 2018 · 259
Endless love, Endless greed
I want to get over you
I wish I could forget you
Why is it you that I need
Is it my endless greed

I could never regret
But I wish it never happened
Why don't the memories fade
Why can't they just go away

I had an endless love
That filled the sky above
It was all reserved for you
I thought I had yours too...
Oct 2018 · 819
Only going down
I'll smile today
I'll cry tonight
Cause everyday
Is a constant fight

I fight with myself
And everyone around
I want to be well
But life drags me down
Just a quick piece, enjoy
Oct 2018 · 525
Lacking Certainty
I try to reach out
You don't respond
This gives me doubt
But I still continue on

I communicate again
Not a voice to be heard
Does she not want me then?
I wish I could be sure
Going through tough times and feeling tough emotions. Just another piece fueled off my reality
Sep 2018 · 255
Just leave
I try to forget her
But she never leaves
It's to much to bear
Just let me breathe

She feeds on my misery
She drinks my emotions
Just let this be history
Please stop this commotion
Sep 2018 · 164
Wouldn't for you
I want to get high
I try to get drunk
Just to stop the cry
To rid the depression

But I wouldn't for you
But only for you
Because anything I do
Has always been for you
Just another piece to the one I loved... still love
Sep 2018 · 191
I set her free...
She said she loved me
I said I love her
I thought we would be
together forever

I wish I was right
I wish we would last
I still try to fight
But my time went too fast

I wanted her back
But she didn't want me
There is to much I lack
So I just set her free
I still love her, but I must set her free
Sep 2018 · 179
The "real" truth
I lost her again
I gain hope again
It's a lot to endure
Did I ever have her

I just want the truth
I know she does too
I've given her mine
Now it's her turn and time

She said she loved me
But did she really
She said she loved him
But to him it seemed meant

I don't feel that used
I think she was confused
She didn't know the real me
She will never know the real me

She never really loved me
Just the person I pretended to be
I always loved her
For her and only her
Going through a swarm of emotions, and I used that to make this, hope you enjoy!
Sep 2018 · 569
The Distance You Created
She was the perfect person
I thought she was the one
But we've grown so distant
This isn't what was meant

You barged in my life
You showed me life
Then you ripped it apart
And threw me in the dark

I try to come back
But there is to much I lack
I'm still not good enough
I'll never be good enough
Sep 2018 · 72
Fucking Disgrace
Forget this world
Forget this place
Forget myself
I'm a ******* disgrace

I tried my best
I didn't succeed
I made the world worst
Now just let me be
I'm a ******* disgrace

— The End —