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The noon's greygolden meshes make
All night a veil,
The shorelamps in the sleeping lake
Laburnum tendrils trail.

The sly reeds whisper to the night
A name-- her name-
And all my soul is a delight,
A swoon of shame.
 May 2016 Emre Fatih
 May 2016 Emre Fatih

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The soundtrack to life deserves the most wicked of baselines.
 May 2016 Emre Fatih
There are clouds covering my soul
and I know the rain they're crying
is hurting your heart too.
I'd make it nice and shiny
just so you can feel the warmth,
but I don't know how to do it anymore.
Clouds of silence darkening me whole
unspoken words I have for you
are dying under the tempest
while the blank page stares at me
and I feel useless.

A rain of fire
burning us both.

The sun always shines after a storm
and I hope
a rainbow will appear
before these falling flames
will turn us to ashes
flying over the ocean between.
Don't be sad
Don't feel bad
Your pains I can't bear
Everything you can share
coz I'm here I'm here
Where ever you are
Near or so far
I miss you
Pray for your move
Without you I fear
Oh my dear
I'm here I'm here
I'm finding you
In my dreams
I will always take your care
I love you so much,I swear
Plz come here instead of being there
Coz I'm here I'm here
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