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Puff Jan 2018
I'm high as the teddy bear clouds and drunk as the sea.
520 calories don't look so good on me.
You built me up just to slip poison in my tea.
Why tell someone they're  worth something, to only leave.
I made a mistake ever trusting thee.
I'm going to hang from the trees.
Baby, let my body be.
Puff Jan 2018
Rivers that flow like blood streams

Are polluted beyond comprehensible reams

Tensions fly up above the burning forests of lies

Plants whither and animals shiver

This planet is counting down the days till it dies

Our egos are on the rise

Climbing higher then our self deceiving skyscrapers

Soaring higher then the trees that are crumbling like paper
Puff Aug 2017
I remember a time when crawling into my soft cool childhood sheets felt like home. Lately it feels like I'm an unwanted guest in a strangers bed, laying on crumpled stale blankets.
last night was the first time in months I drew. Last week I worked 3 fifteen hour shifts in a row, just so I wouldn't have to go home to the disappointment and yelling. My five year old self would be saddened by my adult existence. I yearn for the forest and all the solidarity it holds.
Puff Jul 2017
What if this planet wasn't meant to inhabit this many humans
Many religious people think that God created each of our souls uniquely as individuals
What if when we die our soul break into fragments, creating a vast population of half filled flesh capsules
We continuously look to fuse our souls to our long lost halves
Puff Apr 2017
There will be no note
No set of tapes
No bitter last fare wells
Only a split second decision that will last a lifetime
I don't truly want to end it all
I just want to stop ******* everyone's lives up
Puff Apr 2017
This comes forth from the hidden caresses of my spirit
So please my friends, tread lightly
As I stretch and grow from my darken shel
My mind grasps that for my whole existence I've been groomed into living for others
Drowning paralyzing fear is what fills my being at the thought of unclipping my wings
It's not that I want to be caged
But my thoughts halt at eternity stop lights
When ever I begin to open the iron door
I grow goldfish gills only to realize my bowl is filled with the stormy sea
What would it be like to not feel guilty and selfish for furthering my existence?
  Mar 2017 Puff
Fish The Pig
I miss
your hands
your eyes
I miss
   being better than human-

I miss the Goddess you introduced me to
and I am left in want
    of desire,
and absolute
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