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When I look at you I want to touch
Sends my imagination into a Spiritual crush
I'm more than a dream my words make me real
When I come will feel
Passionate fingers touching every part
From top to bottom..Now let me start
Lay on your back my exploration goes deep
Passion so hot you can feel the heat
Legs up in the air if you dare
Exposed to me without a care
Tell me which way you want me to go?
I can do more than fast and slow
Lost in the motion of your thighs
Mounting your body I look in your eyes
Locked in a gaze penetrating your soul
Start with a rhythm then out of control
Ravishing writhing feeling every delight
Mercilessly pounding while your bottom lip I bite
Plundering your treasure in every single measure
Reaping rewards of ultimate pleasure
My Fairy tale Queen wicked with lust
Eating your pie along with the crust
Like royalty we lay satisfied from our feast
Successfully taming our inner ****** beast
My words of fantasy has you feeling this touch
Poetic kisses for the lips of my Spiritual Crush..
M.A.N 3-31-14
emotionslustlove Mar 2014
**** me to sleep shake me up and align everything back where it needs to be deal with this ***** so I can finally get some rest I need sleep not that I don't get my rest every single night but it's still not enough I don't wanna remember slowly drifting off with **** heavy on my mind to only follow me in my dreams, **** all that **** out of me and replace it with every last warm drop of you. I want everything to shut down so can finally rest take me to the top nice and slow and hold me tight as I come down **** all this energy out of me I can't sleep well when it's overflowing I don't wanna toss and  turn in the middle of the night **** me so hard that, that's impossible! Make me numb. No I don't want to wake up to *** no I don't want a **** glass of water at 3 am no I don't ******* need to check my phone for the time...that's unnecessary! I need sleep a deep sleep wear me out baby    
exhaust my soul..I'll wake up feeling so energized revived and alive...can you give me the sleep I need?
Automatic writing - clearly I need a good fuxk

— The End —