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 Oct 2015 Dios Dormer
Your ******* were humming bird eggs,
vulnerable beyond compare.
All rights reserved by the author
 Oct 2015 Dios Dormer
There used to be a brick wall here
But the lovely construction men put up a chain link fence instead
I can finally see through -
Through the metal chinks -
In between the wiring
I relish the feeling of wrapping my fingers around the frame -
Feeling the world on the other side
I can't join it yet
But each finger is a little victory
 Oct 2015 Dios Dormer
We stopped asking questions
Because we were too afraid to
Know the answers.
 Sep 2015 Dios Dormer
a wildfire
i hollowed out your bones. drained the blood from your veins. you were my best kept secret. hid you away inside of this glass house. between four walls where the sun couldn't reach your eyes.
hello, beautiful. winter is coming and you're going to a place where summer can't save you. the years fly by and i can't forget your name. the stain left behind by what we once were. what we can never be again. sometimes i hear your voice and feel nothing but

sometimes i see your face and it changes everything.
how many times you've killed me. how many times you've saved me.
and i know my heart can't lie down there. nothing can stay.
 Sep 2015 Dios Dormer
J Valle
We'll smile for the camera
Smile for the picture,
Then why won't we smile
When we see our reflection?
We'll held our cups up
And scream 'cheers' together
But we are not cheering,
We are actually trying
To clear up our conscience.
We'll discuss about ***
Like we are the masters
But the truth is,
We are still not over
Our last ex.
We act so precocious
To start the next stage
But we are not conscious yet
To leave this stage.
We should stop expecting
To do what we see
We are still on time
To change
What others will see.
Impure is my mind,
The gnawing desires,
Unfulfilled, weakening neurally
My being, second by second.
Not millions of them
A dozen, may be.
Whom can I disclose,
Gripped with fear,
Of getting trapped
For lives?
2015 September 21
I used to think
I built walls to keep people out,
But then I realized there wasn't even
Anybody to let it.
 Jun 2015 Dios Dormer
a wildfire
your lips are like the gods.
storm born. raging. your eyes created from the longest of winters.
filled with heat that
could ever keep. it bellows down inside of you. beckoning, swollen
up with flies from last nights ****.

this world gives you nothing.
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