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  Jun 2015 Dios Dormer
a wildfire
your lips are like the gods.
storm born. raging. your eyes created from the longest of winters.
filled with heat that
could ever keep. it bellows down inside of you. beckoning, swollen
up with flies from last nights ****.

this world gives you nothing.
  May 2015 Dios Dormer
I recently read a poem saying
Why can't the world be rid of emotions?
And I thought,
*Well, that would be boring.
  May 2015 Dios Dormer
Potato Smiles
Potato Smiles, Potato Smiles
How I love thee

Potato Smiles, Potato Smiles
Give me two or three

Dios Dormer May 2015
You are the greatest tree in my forest;
when you fall, I shall rise up to take your place.
I suppose it's a poem, if you squint.
  May 2015 Dios Dormer
Dornish Bastard
I was afraid to let you in.
You had no clue of what I hid.
Perhaps you fell for the idea of love
But I couldn't be the person you fancied.
And when I let you see who I truly was
You spat out your words like acid.
"I don't know you anymore."
You never really did.
To the friend who expected more than I could give.

The poem looks like a jar with the title. :D
Dios Dormer May 2015
if i were a river and you were the city
i'd ask of your residents to spit in my heart
to throw sludge in my waters
to toss wrappers and bottles and nooses and anything in-between
to let the thick, gluttonous swamp of human waste
accumulate under my bridges
to place tentative fingers into blood-red throats and
excrete the very bile of their lives into me
to run naked, filth encrusted fingers
through the vile depths of my flow
that is what i would ask of you, love
*if i had the courage
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