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 Nov 2017 Emily Jones
November 10
 Nov 2017 Emily Jones
November 10.
The cold bites me. The setting sun kisses me.
I read your letter aloud and did not let myself cry.
Quiet. Today is quiet.

*— L, from the journal “Winter And Its Waking Breath”
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 Apr 2016 Emily Jones
The most wonderful things
I have ever known have been
your smile,
your heart,
and your beautiful soul.
about my best friend
If you can
write it
on a whim they said,
do it
we will constantly be
by difference
what matter whether the words listed
to the soul or not?
Shakespeare was a poet
he said
to be or not be

if the breadth of
circulates my being then
I will
© Copyright
 Mar 2016 Emily Jones
Bhavika G
Let's elope in this radiance
of a sunshine
that promises to sketch
for Always.
tentatively blue-white clouds
peeking alarmingly from around
the red-orange-yellow brilliance
that the sun is.
Let's elope now
so maybe the winds
will set sail our ship
not too wildly
not too slowly
just the right amount
Let's elope and
Paradise will chase us.
 Feb 2016 Emily Jones
 Feb 2016 Emily Jones
you are as
as the
shot glass
you fill
time after time

you would think
that all of that
would contribute
to some

but instead
all youve gained
is a headache
and some words
you shouldnt have
You wove yourself a silver trap of shiny silken strands
so that once they'd turned their backs they'd play into your hands
and I've heard the night is blackest when trapped inside the loom
the air and water's brackish and there's hardly any room
who'd withstand such wondrous weaving's leaving naught to chance
so we all fall one by one into your deadly trance
 Feb 2016 Emily Jones
i'd never felt such
cold hands
grab hold of my heart before,
and i'd never known it could
shatter into so many pieces.
            and i'd also never seen a
            sweeter man come along and
cut his perfect hands to shreds
             by picking up the pieces
and putting my heart back together again,
It doesn't take talent to practice.
It just takes courage and discipline
(which seem more rare than talent anymore!)
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