life is strikingly finite
just as you take another breath
your heart gives out
my grandpa died of a heart attack today
to see cigarette smoke drip from his lips was intoxicating

the inhalation of death
and the exhalation of anxieties

each cloud of vapor filled with
the emotional exhaustion
that life itself causes

he wasn't ready to live
that is why he smokes
because each cigarette
brings him closer to death
and farther from the life
he did not want
i heard something in the wind today
below the hum of normal

it could have been your ghost
but that grave had already been dug

you never cared for me as much as i did you
you would not be calling through the gusts of a rainy autumn morning

before the grave

you were as fleeting as the seasons
as unforgivable as the uv rays during summer's hottest hour

but i still kissed the sun
and prayed not to get burnt
love is a double-sided coin
that is spent too quickly
and bought too easily
time flies by
but it also crawls
slowly and methodically towards eternity
the arms move a centimeter
and the legs an inch
******* the nutrients of life and the rhythmic breaths of reality
through a dainty straw
as time grovels, it peers through objective eyes
the pain of mortal flesh
the confusion of human thought
the perplexities of interaction
weighing down the hearts of the lost generation
while waiting for its moment to attack
time will continue to crawl
we live in this neverending forever expanding universe

where clouds congeal and fields of flowers toss their hips under gentle spring exhalations

mothers and fathers bury their babies
-babies bury their fathers and mothers

two lovers share an embrace
-and an embrace shares two lovers

while the grandfather clock calls us home by the purchase of our last breath
her name swirled off your tongue in sweet fervor

as delicate as a daydream

as angelic as the morning sun upon the dew covered horizon

a soft spring zephyr

my compassion ostracized in the presence of her name

my feeble admiration second-hand compared to hers

my name spat from between your lips

left for the dogs to lick up

she was the sun

and i was but a shadow
poetry doesn't come as easy as it used to
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