The churches are dead
organized religion plays tricks in the head
Pastors can preach
But they don't believe what they teach
Materialism drives the soul
And no longer can God console
Those who are confused
Mentally, spiritually abused
The world is on fire
While we only desire
The newest technology
Not versed in eschatology
If you have God, Jesus , and the Holy Spirit in your heart
They will never depart
We have signs in the skies
Signs in the news
But as sinners without Bibles we always will lose
The words are being changed
And the church is estranged
How do we live
When we never give
All anyone wants are riches and fame
Who are we to blame
As we carry our shame
No one can be divine
As we trudge in a line
No more eyes to see
No more ears to hear
Society made it quite clear
They don't want us to follow
Keeping our insides perpetually hollow

i am sorry i played with your heart
i know i did
the act was childish
i took your heart as a toy and
dressed it up
tossed it around
dropped it on the floor
to pick it up
then after a while
i got bored
i left it in the corner
with all my other pretty toys
strewn in a heaping pile
other kids came
who wanted to play with the toys
but i would shout "mine"
as they gathered dust
i am sorry i played with your heart
i am still a child
who shouldn't be so eager to love

a boy once told me to "open my wounds"
let each of them fall carelessly onto notebook pages
as they would seamlessly create poetry
for a second they did
that was six months ago
with each wound, I manifested a thousand poems
they were inspired by the boy with ink stained fingers
who noticed me when everyone else marched to the beat of society
I thought of this boy as a true friend
"he is a poet as well"
"maybe he will understand my jumbled words"
that was six months ago
my thoughts have not ceased
and my old wounds have not healed
but I can write a half-decent poem every so often
my friend faded without trace
as I struggle to shove paper bandaids on metaphorical wounds
this one is for you
the boy with the ink stained fingers
I guess you have found a place upon my bookshelf with all the friends that I believed actually cared

my heart's hibernation came to an end
the ice that encapsulated it melted
spring was just around the corner
the flowers were in bloom and the birds began to sing
winter's harsh grips loosened and I am finally myself again

3 hearts, game over
restarts, game over

my life mimics the very foundation of video games
every couple months, I restart
each time losing another fragmented piece of my heart

while the masses have a disease which makes the desire to travel insurmountable

i have lived this life

the oh-so nomadic life of a military-brat

my eyes reminisce the landscapes of Africa and the streets of Amsterdam

yet that doesn't take away the desires of the things I never had:
no roots(I can't grow)

no warmth of a childhood home (to crawl into after a long day at school)

never a similar face, perpetually losing contact with someone I half knew  

just as I passed level 1,  the ground would shake and my heart would ache

a whole new level 1
and my devastating process started over

every fiber in the double helix of my DNA frayed from not knowing who I am or where I belong

the airport's mottled carpet memorized the taste of my shoe's soles

and the clouds welcomed me as they breathed life into my nose

calling me back to the sky every single second my toes eat dirt

oh king! my king!
how i thought you were my everything

alas, you were pompous
your head up your ass
(sorry to be extraordinarily crass)
to you, we were all peasants
not worthy of your presence

oh king! my king!
how my views have changed
as we've become estranged

leave me alone
until you can postpone
all of this act
my king

last night I went to bed
prepared to awake screaming
from a lonely nightmares dreaming
but oh these nightmares I do not dread

there are no monsters
there are no fears

only you and I
as happy as can be
but this is plain to see
it is only a lonely nightmares dreaming

but it is so seeming
that your heart is mine
yet I am alone in bed
with these pictures in my head
and it is only a lonely nightmares dreaming

you do not love me
you do not care
now all I am left with is a vacant stare
you've already checked out
and took your bags
and left me alone
to only a lonely nightmares dreaming

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