i hate strings-attached
because you never know
if the next string
will end up being a noose
The flower cannot choose her petals just as the human cannot choose their skin. If every flower desired to become a rose, the gentle fabrics of our ecosystem would vanish in thin air. Sometimes diversity is the only thing that can keep us alive.
The parents who teach their children to hate those whom hate are quintessentially  raising the one person they despise. If parents taught their children to love those whom hate, the seeds of malice would no longer be reaped and sown.
The earthly inspired view of morality can be one of the most immoral perspectives a man can have. Morality is not tethered to the flesh of sinners in whom follow a moral compass composed of magnets. The truest morality comes from the word of our one divine omnipotent God.
If only I were a kid again. Even for an instant more spontaneous than the blink of an eye. To be blissfully ignorant to the moral depravity in which society so hastily shoves down our throats.
one man will use a rope to build a raft
while another man will use a rope to end his life
the precarious state of human existence is marked by the need to be either constructive or destructive
the giant’s backs of mountains lay just between the horizon

all their muddied roads led home

in the night an artist came and painted each house with dirt

while on the streets

skeletons with weary eyes sang the sun to sleep

their stomachs were empty but their heart were full

praising hallelujah
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