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Always with her, our seasons change;
Love emerging while stars rearrange.

Gentle rainfall from sun-filled skies
As tears of joy well in her eyes.

As smiles form from tears of love,
Peace-filled rainbows form above.

When bereaved, her world turns gray;
Her happiness, warming clouds away.

With the wind, she follows suit,
Across the skies as bright stars shoot.

A gift to earth from the heavens above,
Our warm sun sent to show her love.

She views the world as her own,
Safely orbiting her guardian, our moon.
© 2014 Ashley Jean.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
Mother Mother,
I heard the sound of your voice
Cradled in the warmth
Of your warmth.
The ocean waves
Formed my memory,
Created the beat of my heart.

Mother mother,
A joy in the light.
Hand held to shaking feet,
Feet held to earth ,
Earth held to possibility.
A gift  
Through open doors.

Mother mother,
A book of truth.
The letters outlined
By curiosity.
The words tied
In anxious tongue.
Inquiring minds want to know
What is love?
What is life?

Mother mother,
A playmate
For golden days.
Castles made in nothing
Less permanent than sand.
A cyclical motion
From end to end
In happiness.

Mother mother,
I have betrayed you
For foolishness kept
In envy of mystery.
A diamond
In pauper’s hands.
A soul unbounded
By reason
In the darkest hour
Of my abyss.

Mother mother,
I will return to you -
Forsake me not.
Love bereft of condition,
Love in the steps of a child.
Cradle to earth,
Earth to the heavens,
Carried on the love of
Mother mother.
 Mar 2017 Emma Hill
L Seagull
Well well well sailor
Tucked the gun back into your pants
Panting all overcome
With obsessive you don't know what
Here I am the future mermaid
Isn't it where the drowned go if heaven spits them out?
Don't know if they'd accept.
Cheers to you frightened
Never a complete silence in the open sea
Sing yourself a song of solitude
Next time you wish to put me back in place
Where you belong
With your fear of stupidity.
Or maybe... Maybe I won't leave
Yes, I probably won't
I tried once or twice before.
Alter ego is not for me to choose
My doppelgänger gangsta crazy beach.
So please, if you decide to have a snack
Out of my good intentions
May I suggest pickling?
So it may last you through lifetime
Of self imposed misery.
Add lemon so it's not too fishy
And salt generously with your tears
I guess you're right, angry is better than depressed
I was passing through my childhood
on a bike
to the delight of flying with the balloons

من از کودکی هایم می گذشتم
بر چرخی که می راندم
...تا شوق به پرواز درآمدن با بادبادک ها
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