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Emma E Jones Jan 2014
Write a farewell to the aliens
crawling up the back steps,
cross the threshold to post existence,
evaluate snapshots of poor lost souls
crumbled moments,
When they fall over the edge
of a spiraling waterfall only to be caught
in the palm of the devil.

Welcomed with opening arms
the sick and twisted find comfort
in the warmth of a thousand
burning souls.

Far from where it was left sitting,
A cold metal can is thrown
from a rusted over train car
carrying on a message for
the wicked kids,
remaining away over the horizon
running through cold dark streets
every step closer to the waterfall.
Emma E Jones Nov 2013
i'm fine
those words tumble out
of my mouth over and over
again like a record
spinning out of control
down in to a sanctum of
uncontrollable loneliness

i cant make head or tails
up or down
just tumbling down this
hill with no end

my stomach aches
with a diet of straight nicotine
odd scribble of sad poems
cluster the pages then torn and
tossed to oblivion

burned away is my care
(not the fun kind of care
free from the movies)  
more the depressing kind
that just makes all the others sad

we move in circles
passing by what
once used to be part of it all
but now what? now where?
Emma E Jones Oct 2013
its now that time
to pretend that nothing
hurts, but my eyes
never can stay dry
as long as I'm alone

what if i gave up people
and started smoking
right now that seems
so much more comforting
than putting up with
this **** right here

i feel like I'm dragging
my knuckles along
one never ending
sidewalk of sick minds

or could it be
I am just only
a shadow
there when I'm need
or maybe remembered
for just a minute
Emma E Jones Oct 2013
i don't know
quite how to
do this thing

its been 5 days
i think
but all
i can wonder
is why

tonight in the
dim light
i wished simply
to sway in the
wind like a tall

to forget
how to talk
so i don't
have to
Emma E Jones Oct 2013
thanks mom for shoving me full of pills
because i am "to hard to deal with right now"
well little do you know that outside what you
can see right here the problems extend
far beyond what you can really think
problems that your stupid little pills
will not fix

see it would be nice to know that
I'm just not something people have
to deal with, really after awhile
i just except that I'm the one
left out here to rot
an now it been so long
nobody wants to come close to me
so they all forget, really they all just
don't care all that much

I'm becoming an after thought
an "oh i wish you were there"
I get the word "I'll call you in a bit"
far to often that now i know
those words are nothing but lies

so you see mom I'm really
not sorry that you have
to deal with me
because I'm used to it now
and yeah it hurts me
but who is going to care
Emma E Jones Oct 2013
never believe people
that say they will call
or text

it never happens

so why wait on it
Emma E Jones Oct 2013
its nights like these
where i bite me nails
thill they

i didn't choose
now to be alone
but i guess
its better than
having to pretend
the fun

nails in my coffin
i guess
they are
each of these nights

how much gold
did you trade
for this ****** coffin?

but ill just feed
my sadness
with burning
bitter coffee
and less sleep

so i don't have
to poison
those i love
with that

but i guess they
decided on a
cure instead
a cure to my
sadness that
is no me
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