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Emma Abud Dec 2015
I uncovered every stone and retraced every step trying to find where we went wrong.
But in the end, I just got lost.
Emma Abud Dec 2015
that first night, you danced with me
and everybody looked at us like we were crazy
and maybe we were
but we were too dizzy with the excitement
of what came next for us
to even notice
or care
about the rest of them
and now that you're gone
I dance alone
and I think about that night
and I think about you
and I think about how quickly
things fell apart
since the night we danced.
Emma Abud Dec 2015
my sorrows follow me into bed
they become like scorned lovers
begging me to stay but forcing me to leave
I'm left with tear-stained pillows
and tortured cries
and an ache that cannot be remedied
Emma Abud Dec 2015
so many "you're right's"
so many "I never meant to hurt you's"
so many "I'm sorry's"
so many ******* "I'm sorry's."
Emma Abud Dec 2015
it's 5 o'clock in the morning
and you're standing there under the streetlight
in your boxers
and I am so in love with you
Emma Abud Dec 2015
I miss you even when I'm with you.
How do you expect me to live without you?
Emma Abud Mar 2014
I don’t know your favorite season
(grab me, please)
I don’t know the things you tell yourself so you can sleep at night
(kiss me hard)
I don’t know your middle name
(slow it down)
Or your last name
(quicken the pace)
You’re a quick fix to a growing problem
(addicted to your taste)
And your body
(rising intensity)
Next to mine
(relieve the pressure)
Is all I really need to know about you.
*(tense and release)
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