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Feb 2017 · 650
Emma Feb 2017
So i guess this is 4
Touching the stove and watching it burn your skin
Realizing that you have to breathe
Slipping and falling
Feeling his hands on you
His hands on you
His hands on you
Doctor checks
Hospital trips

So I guess this is 13
Losing your friends
Getting your period
Crying over your First heartbreak
Watching your parents separate
Cutting your skin
Starving your body
Sleepless nights

So I guess this is 18
Watching your first love get married
Finding out your second loves likes boys
Leaving home
Getting tattoos to cover scars
First kiss
First time having ***
First time realizing it hurts when someone uses you
Second time
Spending days crying

So I guess this is 19
Seeing your body as a work of art
Going to movies
Eating dinner
Going to concerts
All by yourself
And enjoying it
Getting more tattoos
For no reason other than I like them
Sleeping through the night
Starting to write again
Standing up to your fears
Speaking up
Speaking your poetry in public
So I guess this is 19
I'm so glad I made it
Feb 2017 · 1.7k
Emma Feb 2017
We are the perfect definition of almost
Two parallel lines that get so close
They almost kiss
Almost touch
You go to bed while I rise
You're in South Carolina and I'm in Texas
I'm Texas while you're in South Carolina
We just barely missed each other
Almost met
We are 11:12
The missed calls
The last seconds of the song on the radio
The first kiss that didn't happen
The eyes that didn't meet
The unspoken apologies
The parallel lines
We are almost
all the Failed potential in the world
Stuck in one word
Two syllables
Six letters
You almost loved me
I was almost enough
We almost happened
Dear William.
Jun 2016 · 974
I Fell In Love With A Boy
Emma Jun 2016
I fell in love with a boy
who wanted my body
when I wanted his soul

I fell in love with a boy
I gave the boy my body
but he kept his soul

I fell in love with a boy
now he's got my body
and left with my soul
I haven't written in months.
May 2016 · 4.7k
We Don't Talk Anymore
Emma May 2016
We don't talk anymore
So I'll write you letters in the stars, that way I'll know for sure
that you'll read them
I'll say, "I miss you"
"I hope we talk again"
"I hope you're well"
I'll be like the moon
And love you from a distance
We don't talk anymore
And I'm not sure what hurts more
The things you said
Or the ones you didn't
I still can't believe I lost you.
Mar 2016 · 902
If You Leave
Emma Mar 2016
But if you leave, promise me this
Promise me you'll find someone who
Can't wait to hear about the crazy
Dreams you had the night before
Someone who knows about the
Whale birthmark on your thigh
Someone who thinks your laugh
Is the only sunshine they'll need
And your eyes are the only stars
They want to look into at night
Someone who gets giddy when
They think about holding your hand
Find someone who knows the places
Your hands have been and appreciates
their strength they hold despite it all
Someone who understands
Your banter and feistiness
Find someone who loves you for
Who you are not what you have
Overall, if you decide to leave
I hope you find someone
Who can love you in all the ways
I couldn't
I love you so much.
Mar 2016 · 579
Emma Mar 2016
You were like
the first word in a poem
The first note in a symphony
the first beam of sunlight
in the morning
and the first star
in the night sky
I loved you more than
the moon loves the sun
the ocean loves the shore
my lungs love the air I breathe
but what if we were
the dark before a dawn
the rain before a rainbow
the calm before the crash
what if all we were was prologue
Feb 2016 · 573
Emma Feb 2016
My heart
hold so much
evidence of history
but so do museums,
art galleries and cemeteries.
Maybe someday my heart
will be on display
for having survived.
I survived.
Feb 2016 · 3.7k
Restless Ocean Heart
Emma Feb 2016
Every I love you I said 

sounded a little more

like a goodbye

but it was only because

your heart is a restless ocean 

and I never was good
with learning 
the tide cycles
To The Boy With The Whale On His Thigh.
Jan 2016 · 672
Emma Jan 2016
Hell for me was knowing I'd never love another the same way I loved you.

They tell me someone can't be both the poison and the curing potion but you somehow managed to cure a wound and cause another.

I remember the exact moment I fell in love with you except I wasn't just falling, I was drowning. I should've known.

Everything reminds me of you, even the things that don't.

We met at the wrong time. I'm still waiting for the moment you and time are on my side.

When we first met I was blue. I didn't love my sadness until  you told me your favorite color was navy blue.


I loved the cold until I found an indescribable winter inside me the day you left.
Forever living in winter solstice.
Jan 2016 · 380
Things I Never Said
Emma Jan 2016
There were words
Waiting to be said
There were things
Hidden in my head
That would hurt him
So I kept quiet instead
I'm glad I never told you.
Jan 2016 · 452
10 Years
Emma Jan 2016
You always said
"10 years down the road
we'll laugh about this!"
but it's almost been 3 years
and I can barely talk about it
above a whisper
Maybe someday.
Jan 2016 · 1.6k
How To Survive Heartbreak
Emma Jan 2016
I. Realize that everything is temporary-including your happiness, including your sadness.

II. Sit down at a table for two and realize your heart is big enough to fill up both seats.

III. Cry out with the rain enough tears to fill an ocean and teach yourself how to swim.

IV. Scream their name into the wind until the wind itself decides to take it away.

V. Begin watching supernovas. Realize how beautiful something can be even when it has been dead for years.

VI. Look in the history books. Realize that even the best love stories all had to come to an end.

VII. Realize that surviving heartbreak is not as clean cut as a mathematical equation. It is a messy art.
I will survive.
Jan 2016 · 474
Emma Jan 2016
You'll always be my soulmate
you'll always have
a part of my heart
and that scares me
but science says
that after 7 years
every cell in my body will be replaced, so maybe in 7 years
I will be a new person
and you will be someone else
and I will no longer love you
with the undying love that I do
Sergio, you'll always be my soulmate.
Jan 2016 · 1.0k
There Have Been Others
Emma Jan 2016
My arms will be a piano
for you to play the keys
I know they are hard
I'm sorry, there have been others.
my heart will be the drum
your feet will dance to
it is sometimes off beat
I'm sorry, there have been others.
My eyes will be your canvas
you can paint in them the stars
The darkness is already there
I'm sorry, there have been others.
my lips will be your clay
you will have to smooth out the rocks
I'm sorry, there have been others.
My body will be your artwork
you can put your autograph on the cover
I know there are other names printed
I'm sorry, there have been others.
The reason I made it a bit off is because I want the reader to feel how off it is. How off I feel after "there have been others", how off the person writing it a lover trying to explain how she can still be art even after having been used and chipped.
Jan 2016 · 781
Emma Jan 2016
Because sometimes home
Is not so much a physical space
As much as a psychical place
I felt the way the first nomad
Must've felt the day they
Decided to stay
Home became a person
Love became a man
So to the man that had dreams
Of Duke, alligators & playing God
Please remember her
Don't forget the girl that had dreams of saving the world
Don't forget you were her world
I was a nomad before I met you.
Jan 2016 · 1.4k
About You
Emma Jan 2016
I lied to my mother about talking to you because last time I told her we talked, she cried.
2. My biggest fear is that no matter what I do, I won't ever get over you.
3. Everywhere I go, I find you. I suppose it's because I carry you in my heart.
4. I didn't believe in soul mates until I met you. You didn't complete me, you complemented me.
5. Sometimes I can't sleep because I'm thinking of you. Other nights I don't want to sleep because I know I'll dream of you.
6. You make my hands shake and my stomach hurt. I don't think love is suppose to feel this way.
7. I miss you even when you're not away. I hate it but it's always been that way.
8. Sometimes I think we were meant to be. Everything was right except our timing.
9. It's been two years too late but I still look for your face in a crowded room.
10. You felt like home but if there's anything I've learned recently, it's that home is so very temporary.
11. I never knew craving touch was a thing until I saw your hands.
12. You are the whirlwind of thoughts I could never put into words.
13. I write about you like you put the stars in the sky.
14. I don't want to forget you but somedays I regret you.
15. I don't always like you but I always love you.
What keeps me up at night is you.
Emma Jan 2016
This is not how I wanted it to be
At least not between you and me
He left and the roses died
Pain stayed but the tears dried
This is not how I wanted it to be
At least not between you and me
Two years ago we sat as lovers
Today we stand alone as strangers
This is not how I wanted it to be
At least not between you and me
I prayed the feelings would go away
And that peace would come to stay
This is not how I wanted it to be
Especially not between you and me
We sleep under the same sky tonight
I guess that's how I sleep at night
We sleep under the same sky, I guess that's how I sleep at night.
Jan 2016 · 512
New Year's Resolution
Emma Jan 2016
New Year’s Resolutions
1. Learn to love myself.
2. Learn to accept.
3. Learn to forgive.
4. Learn to forget.
5. Forget him.
6. Forget him.
7. Forget him.
8. Forget him.
9. Forget him.
10. Forget him.
New year, new me.
Jan 2016 · 389
Emma Jan 2016
With love
Comes pain
Just like clouds
Let go of rain
I've always been scared
Not of the loving
But of the leaving
Left scarred from the times
My heart has been broken
You were the first risk
I had taken in a while
I think what made me do it
Was the denial
That somehow this was different
We were a
never ending North/South cycle
I soon forgot where I ended
And where you began
I told you I loved you
But it sounded more like a goodbye
I hope that someday
You understand why
I hope the cycle stops.
Jan 2016 · 1.6k
Remember To Forget Him
Emma Jan 2016
You see, forgetting you
is not a one time thing
it's a constant daily battle
stop thinking about him
remember the times
he stood you up
remember the times
he broke your heart
remember the things
he said in his anger
remember the way
he left you all alone
remember how
he gave no explanation
oh but remember
the roses he brought you
remember the late night conversations
remember the first time
he told you he loved you
remember the secrets
he confided in you
no, stop
remember what's good for you
remember he's not good for you
remember what you deserve
forget him every day
every morning when you wake up
and your brain wants to bring him up
remember the nights you spent
crying on your bed
remember your best friend
cursing his name
remember your mother
cursing herself for not stopping you
remember your brother
cursing himself for not protecting you
remember the days at the hospital
the pills, the drops, the shots
remember what is best for you
he is not best for you
remember that
and forget him
every year
every month
every week
every day
every second
if that's what it takes
2016 will be a better year.
Jan 2016 · 432
Emma Jan 2016
A man is not a blood bank
A place to **** out
The pieces of self esteem
You could not get from ourselves

A boy is not a mirror
One to tell you
Who you are
Or the price of your beauty

A man is not an escape
From reality
A call away from danger
He is not a rescue button

A boy is not a measuring tape
To see the heights of our potential
He will look at you with cold eyes
That will throw the balance off

A man is not a blood bank
A rescue
An escape
A man is a companion
An equal
A friend

So stop looking for blood
In brittle skeletons
You don't complete me.
Jan 2016 · 568
Emma Jan 2016
He hides a small birthmark that has the shape of a whale on his upper thigh that he treasures. I think that's why he's always loved the ocean.

2. He is like winter: cold and distant for a while but then slowly melts away. He'll be silent for days, but don't worry...he will come back in time.

3. He'll say "I miss you" in the dead of night, in the cold of winter, in the break of dawn or in the heat of the summer. He will drop it like a bomb and it'll shatter your bones but remember he's not yours  to hold forever.

4. He will want you to hug him and he will want it so bad that he will ask you to do it. Please don't ever turn this opportunity down, you will never want to know the pain of not feeling his warmth.

5. His love will feel like a forest fire but it'll leave trails of ash when it's gone. Learn to deal with the burn as you enjoy the heat.

6. You will swim oceans for him and reach for the moon but sometimes even that will not be enough.
It may never be enough.
Dec 2015 · 16.3k
The Sky
Emma Dec 2015
The sky, the sky
was a perfect shade
of dark blue
the sky, the sky
won't stop reminding me
of you
The sky, they sky
was a perfect shade
of you
At least we sleep under the same sky.
Dec 2015 · 904
Loving with depression
Emma Dec 2015
I tell you it’s dark inside 

You say turn on a light

I say it hurts my eyes

I’ve gotten use to the dark 

I can feel my way to my heart 

And lay down on its surface

I can tiptoe my way

Around hopelessness 

Slip on a few things 

But not fall

But you’re still new to it 

You still trip on my

Newly discovered fears

Still drown in my overwhelming 

Sea of sadness 

You've gotten bruises

From slipping on my silence 

You have fallen on my weariness

And I’m sorry 
I never meant for it 

To swallow you too 

Loving you makes a difference 

But you can't fix a ****
With nothing but a twig 

You can take a horse to a spring 

But you can't make it drink 

You can love me all you want 

But I have to learn 

To love myself 

Enough to turn on the light 

I will try to ease my eyes
to the light 
But fire eventually burns out
Even candles know that

I’m sorry I’m not okay 

I wish I was

If only it were 

To be well enough 

To look into your eyes 

And not feel like I’m drowning

To be able to feel 

The trace of your hands on mine

And not wish you didn’t have to

Feel the scars 

I’m sorry I’m not okay 

I really wish I was 

If only to be able to tell you
How much I love you 

Enough to not die for you

Enough to live with you
I choose you.
Nov 2015 · 1.1k
Voice Notes, Love Notes
Emma Nov 2015
I still remember
the first day I saw you
Your curls were
not yet existent
I said, "hello"
You said, "nice shoes"
I wasn't fully prepared
For someone who'd notice
shoes but I guess
You'd be the exception
2 years went by too fast
We walked the DC streets
Your hands on my back
My eyes on your eyes
We sat down on the floor
Of a library full of stories
And read love poems
Other people had written
"I promise you
I will try harder"
You read
These words were stuck in my head
You were only 22
I was barely 17
The day you told me you loved me
But try as you might
You couldn't love me sober
When you reached out
You reached beyond me
You changed my name
Into someone else's
How was I supposed to know
Love didn't always have to hurt
I haven't heard from you in a while
But some silent nights
I still listen to your voice
Even after going so long without it
I realized nothing had really changed
You still sounded like someone
Who had never truly been mine
You were never truly mine.

Edit: Funny thing is, he wrote me the day after I published this...but I finally learned to say no.
Emma Nov 2015
Sadly, we both know
Everything begins and ends
Right where you begin and end
God only knows the number of nights
I stayed up thinking
Only of you

Right where I begin and end
Our story is written in my bones
Do you know I still dream of you?
Right where we begin and end
I sometimes see the lines blur
God only knows the nights spent thinking
Only of you
If Edgar Allan Poe can write a poem using the letters of his lover's can I.
Nov 2015 · 562
Emma Nov 2015
You were a hell of a swimmer
But my sadness was an ocean
That took you by surprise
I wrote you messages
On sea shells
On day by the shore
"I think I'll love you forever"
"I'm sorry it happened this way"
"I miss you"
I think a part of me wished
The waters would swallow the feeling
You were a hell a swimmer
But my sadness was an ocean
And our loved drowned in it
I'm sorry it happened this way
To the boy with a whale shaped birth mark.
Oct 2015 · 635
Paper Cranes
Emma Oct 2015
The clock ticked and the timer started
the day my eyes met yours
My soul saw you
and it sighed
it wondered who you were
and where you had been all my life
that day I didn't need any more miracles
my most important miracle stood right before me
It wore your shirt and smiled like you
Your hands made paper cranes
but never quite made it to a thousand
You said you wanted your wish to come true
and asked me what I wished for
I wished on every paper crane in existence
every broken wishbone
every shooting star
that time would let me keep you
but the hands of time were like your own
never quite making it to a thousand
so one night your words broke the silence
And the jumbled words tore us apart
I've been looking for that silence ever since
wishing for once that my life
was not a orchestra filled with you
that dreams were not interrupted by you
that thoughts were not overrun by you
wishing for once that silence
the silence before the storm
would return and perhaps
just maybe
bring you back
For the boy who made paper cranes at the coffee shop. Your eyes are the only coffee brown I will ever need.
Oct 2015 · 890
Science & Love
Emma Oct 2015
Physics states that
anything that goes up
must come down
due to gravity
it also states that
when something comes down
it accelerates
Perhaps this is why
the greater the rise
the greater the fall
the greater the pain
the pain of it all
We rose so high only to fall,
my sun, my moon, my all
Oct 2015 · 440
It's Not You, It's Me
Emma Oct 2015
It's not you, it's me
Quite literally
It's you
Doing the sowing
It's me
That is reaping
The results of your words
Your hands
Your fists
How you ball them up
And ****** your actions in them
The days that you're gone
When I need more than one word
Your silence is deafening
Your absence threatening
To leave me feeling
What you must think
Human trash must feel like
You only said you loved me
When alcohol flowed
Through your veins
Or when smoke
Clouded your judgement
Which must mean
You could not love me
While sober
It's not you, it's me
It's definitely not
How it is suppose to be
Do you not know
What it feels like
To put salt on a wound?
If you had
You wouldn't have
Loved me like you did
The way you say
You still do
I deserve more than silence.
Oct 2015 · 797
Emma Oct 2015
I'll be the ink
you'll be the poetry
I'll write the words
with every ounce of honesty
you'll be the rhythm and rhyme
the ones I'll perfect
one at a time
I'll bring the paper
you bring the pen
if we mess up
we'll start over again
I'll be the ink
you'll be the poetry
we'll bring the life
into this story
You're breathing poetry.
Oct 2015 · 741
Emma Oct 2015
We were a puzzle
waiting to be put
alongside each other
waiting for the chance
to fit in somewhere
with someone
Someone broke off my edges and we couldn't quite fit.
Oct 2015 · 552
It Hurt
Emma Oct 2015
Finding you was like
like watching the sunrise
after a lifetime of darkness
so beautiful, it hurt
Having you was like
taking a breath
after being underwater for years
so refreshing, it hurt
Loving you was like
getting a taste of spring
after your body had
been in winter so long
frostbite had become a state of being
so wonderful, it hurt
Trying to forget you was like
trying to remember
the details of a dream
so melancholic, it hurt
Writing about you is like
trying to describe pain
using words never invented
like trying to leave a drug
once you've gotten hooked
like trying to forget the words
to your favorite songs
because they carry memories
so complicated, it hurts
My body has grown tired of hurting.
Oct 2015 · 997
Emma Oct 2015
Words aren't bandaids
for wounds of the heart
and promises aren't plane rides
against the distance that keeps us apart
Your absence is the loudest sound
I keep its' echoes for when you're not around

You can only send
so many postcards
before words like "love"
become a language so dead
your own tongue has forgotten how to speak it
You can only mend
a heart so many times
before "irreparably damaged"
becomes a definition on its' label
before you start to pretend
that the space between them and you
isn't tearing the two

how can it be
with so many around
I still want you here with me

You cannot build a body
solely from pretty words
You can't build a human form with words.
Oct 2015 · 547
Emma Oct 2015
Acho que a gente
Olha a os demais
Com o olho da mente
Você me calma
Do meu coração
Até os profundezas da minha alma
Eu fique com homens
que falavam que me amavam
Mas confundi sus golpes
Y os nomes que me chamavam
Com as carícias do amor
Que lamentavelmente deixavam
meu corpo de um cor
De azul e vermelho
Acho que você me olha
com o olho da mente
Você não é como os outros
Você não é como os demais
My first attempt at anything in Portuguese.

To the boy with the light brown eyes: I've never felt so seen before in my life.
Sep 2015 · 399
Heartbreak Warfare
Emma Sep 2015
I think heartbreak
Is much like a storm
It comes unexpectedly
Throwing us off into the cold
Flipping our lives upside down
Destroying the flowers that grew
On the walls of our hearts  
Some days I wonder
When my heart will decide
To plant flowers
That grow in water
Your flowers still grow in my heart.
Sep 2015 · 347
Your Heart, My Heart
Emma Sep 2015
"I carry your heart with me
(I carry it in my heart)"
I still do
I always will
If ever anyone carries my heart
It will be you
Heart to heart.
Sep 2015 · 750
Emma Sep 2015
I can't say goodbye
Because I know that it'll hurt
And I know that I'll cry
So for now I'll say goodnight
For now we'll be okay
And tomorrow we'll be alright
We'll soon be apart
Who knows for how long
But know I keep you in my heart
We'll be far away
But sleeping under the same sky
And I will miss you
So instead of saying goodbye
I'll say see you later alligator
See you soon baboon
It's not goodbye, it's see you again.
Sep 2015 · 550
Emma Sep 2015
I have spent my life running
away from everyone in it
It has almost been two decades
but it feels like centuries have gone by
since the last time I took a break
from racing the wind
My legs have grown tired
My hands cannot seem to stay still
I try to sound strong
but my voice still cracks
and my breathing comes out in shakes
I have learned
that when you grow used to something
living without it feels like
trying to breathe with no air
So I keep running
From sunrise to sunset
Closing doors
and burning bridges
leaving no trace behind
of where I'm headed
mostly because I'm not sure
where that is
I run, though my legs tremble
Because my heart has known
the pain of change
Eventually I'll run myself
into a grave
Change hurts but so does growth.
Sep 2015 · 1.2k
Emma Sep 2015
I have heard
that sand exfoliates
and that water cleanses
I have felt the pain
of scraping rocks against my skin
To rid myself of me
To remove the history
off of my fingertips
Who I am
hates the person I have been
though I liked the thought of myself
In your arms
Some nights I stay up and cry
hoping the tears will make me an ocean
to drown all the memories
and the salt will rub against me
Like a snake
I will shed my skin
and soon forget the
warmth of your touch
In 7 years
I will not find
a speck of you on me
I thought I was finally clean but I still feel you in the rain.
Sep 2015 · 856
Sonnet About Past Lovers
Emma Sep 2015
If you look in the corners
Of my heart
You'll find One
One was the first to plant
The small seed of love
In my young heart
From it flourished a red rose
He found it so beautiful
He decided to rip the petals off
Once he held them in his hands
He decided to go find another rose
One was the first
I wanted him to be the last
He was there in the past
He will be there in the future

Was the second to arrive
He found the red rose
And saw that it was dry
His eyes were oceans
And he drowned the Rose in them
He was not satisfied with having
Only one Rose
He found someone else
To be his last
I opened the door for him to leave
So he wrote his name in the past

Was the Christopher Columbus
Of the oceans of my heart
Three rediscovered the dying rose
And nurtured it
til the petals grew back
He wanted to erase the past
So he painted the petals white
And said it represented innocence
He adored the Rose
And admired its' beauty
He sang songs for it
Believing it would
Grow more beautiful
2 months too late
He realized it never would
He loved the idea of the Rose
Not the reality of caring for it
So he ripped it out from the roots
And wrecked it with his hands
He left empty handed
And left me empty hearted
Three was the third
I still dream about him
Being the last
I wish he wasn't
Stuck in the past

Was a gardener
He knew his way around flowers
And had with him many dying roses
I should have known
He planted a rose bush
Fed it love poems and pretty songs
His voice was the only water
The roses would ever need
Once they had bloomed
He ripped them out
And went on his way
Onto some other heart
He was never truly mine
I had always been his
He won't be my last
He left too many scars
I put him in my past
Three, I still dream about you being the last
Sep 2015 · 603
Firework Love
Emma Sep 2015
Sometimes I think
Our love was like fireworks
Lighting up with night sky
In my soul
I said, "***** caution labels
I've dealt with these before"
But I stepped too close
To the explosion
My heart shattered
It wasn't your intention to hurt me
It wasn't my intention to fall
Some nights I still stay up
Just to see the fireworks explode
Just to feel like I did
When you told me you loved me
Just to remember
That sometimes
Even the most painful experiences
Can be beautiful
We were beautiful
I hope you remember us that way too
On New Years Eve, I stayed up to watch the fireworks from my window. I wonder if your first thought was of me like mine was of you.
Sep 2015 · 549
Hospital Room Heart Breaks
Emma Sep 2015
If hospital rooms
were made for the terminally ill
my heart would reside in them
until it's beats completely still
I fell in love with cemeteries
the day I found out
they were so full of history
and maybe that's why
I fell in love with you
But you were a cigarette to my lips
a shot of nicotine darkening my lungs
I felt your effect from head to hips
I grew comfortable with hospital rooms
the day I realized
they held hope throughout the doom
I grew comfortable in the beds
grew accustomed to the taste of the pills
to take away the pain that formed in my head
You were a slow growing death
a tumor to my body
I never realized how much it would hurt
until I was far gone
I have learned
From now on
There will be no more
emergency room heart breaks
no more
"it-feels-like-dying" heart aches
My heart is
mine for the taking
it will no longer be
yours for the breaking
I still think about you every time I walk into the hospital.
Sep 2015 · 667
On Loss
Emma Sep 2015
I deal with loss
like people deal with death
I lose someone
or something
and to me
it is gone forever
I grieve it
for months on end
on the chance that
I will never come across it again
People call it dilusion
I call it protection
I lost you, I think. I'm still grieving, I guess.
Sep 2015 · 353
Our Songs
Emma Sep 2015
Before I met you
I had favorite songs
I use to sing along to
in the shower
When I met you
I realized you liked the same songs
I would listen to them and smile
thinking of you
When you left
I still had your songs
I would sit in the shower
and cry while I listened to them
Now that I've moved on
I listen to the same songs
and wonder why I ever
stopped singing along to them
while I showered
I have found joy again.
Sep 2015 · 529
Forest Fires
Emma Sep 2015
They wonder why
I still write about you
But how can I tell them
that I still think about you
that I still dream about you
that I still pass the places
where you existed
and have to stop to catch my breath
How can I explain
to those who love me
that pain is optional
but I accept the pain
if it means feeling you again
if it means having you back for a second
You were a forest fire
and I was a leaf
I loved you so much
I learned to deal
with the burn
that comes along
with your warmth
I still write about you because I don't know how to stop.
Sep 2015 · 529
Emma Sep 2015
Sometimes I think
We were meant be
Perhaps in another dimension
You and me
Met in a coffee shop
At some small university
Or maybe our parents were friends
And we met as babies
Grew up as best friends
Became lovers at eighteen
Perhaps you were the king
And I was your queen
In some faraway Kingdom
Barely out of our Tweens
Or maybe we met
One night in a dream
Wanting to be real
Like ghosts want to be seen
I still think about you
Though I only see you in dreams
I wish it weren't true
But we're stuck in this dimension
I hope we meet again somewhere new. And if I've already met someone somewhere else, I hope that someone's you.
Sep 2015 · 574
Seasons Change, You Remain
Emma Sep 2015
Spring showers
bring May flowers
bring Summer sun
youth and good fun
bring Fall(ing) in love
make leaves fall from above
bring Winter Winds
bring you to my mind

Seasons all change
come and go again
why won't you
come back again?
Sep 2015 · 1.3k
Spring Showers
Emma Sep 2015
Everything in this world
draws me back to you
As the spring brings the showers
Every year it stays true

I can only dream of the day
the rain will fall hard enough
to wash away
every trace of you on me
I can't get you off of my mind and it's eating my insides away.
Sep 2015 · 5.0k
Dear Brother
Emma Sep 2015
Dear brother
Your heart has been torn
By yet another
Whose arms like spiderwebs
Brought your heart into her mouth
And let her teeth clash into it

Dear brother
I know the feeling
Like you will find no other
But I promise you
That every final paper
Results from many rough drafts

Dear brother
I see the love oozing out of you
Waiting to be shared with another
But learn to use it on yourself first

Dear brother
You are not
someone else's "Other"
You are your own
You are enough

Dear brother
I know you have given up on
Finding another
But for now now we have
Each other

And dear brother
May we both learn
To love again yet another
A letter to my brother: may we both learn to love again someday.
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