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Emily Jennie Nov 2020
Do you want to fall
Asleep in my arms
In my warm bed
In white linen and the sounds of
The creaks of the wood
This bed will swallow us whole
If we let it.

But we could build a fort
And escape the mundane
For the night
We could sail away
and find what we’re looking for.

Now the record is playing
They’re singing my song
The horses are calling
And the piano is playing along.

Now the morning is here
I’m pouring the coffee
And adding in honey
And you tell me
you think you love me.

Let’s not kid ourselves
We’re only just friends
How can you love something
That doesn’t bend
For you, you need time
You don’t know me
In that way
Even though I watched you sleep
Maybe this is wrong
But maybe this is right
What I need.

But I can’t love something
That I only just met
Even though I like your boots.
And the way your hair
falls in your eyes
Emily Jennie Nov 2020
Into the mystic we go
The magic we know
We find ourselves in the woods
Where we once felt everything
All at once.

In the trees where I used to play
With the birds in the forest
And the animals and the bees
The sound of the cicadas in the park
And the only time
when he left me in the dark.

But the fireflies
made it through the night
Catch me in the light
Oh it feels so right.

Now I got my room
In the city by the mountains and the trees
And my plants are reaching for the sun
the dogs are playing in the yard.

I’ve been here before
If not here, in my head
In my dreams
I saw something bright
It felt so right.

I am a lotus now
Reaching for the sky
Begging you to water me
Oh you knew I would grow
You knew I would fly
You knew me somehow.
Emily Jennie Nov 2020
I lie awake
And fall
Into a dreamscape
That I once knew
I thought I would lose
But here I am
Losing the feeling of you.

We had it all
Until it all came down
For where we once lived
I had to leave
I had to run again.

I don’t feel
That way anymore
I’m shining,
I’m finding
A new way home .
Emily Jennie Nov 2020
When the distance of staying in
Feels like a lifetime
And we’re separated by the miles
Rather than footsteps

We’re leaving soon
the homes that made us
From the plague that almost took us
And the angels who saved us

Now it’s spring
The changing of trees
And the sound of the animals
The birds are chatting
And the bugs are singing us to sleep

The world feels a little different
Much smaller than before
But I have my friends
And I have my family
And I have my life
Even though it’s a little quiet.
Emily Jennie Nov 2020
Well this new life I’m in
Feels like something
out of a film
Or a new kind of war
that I am fighting in.

You see this new world I’m in
makes my heart race
a little more than before.
And are these fever dreams
Or nightmares I make
Even while I sleep
I can’t escape.

It does have me thinking
I’m supposed to be here
To shed light on those
who can’t reach the door.

They’re searching for a cure...
They’re searching for answers

It’s been ten days
and I cant leave the house
to see the people
that mean the most

Now the whole world
is under quarantine
And this plague is well aware
It’s growing
by the minute
And I can’t even
believe it
But I wish I could take it
all away.

Let me be the light that never goes out
Let me heal this earth
like never before.
When it feels like
you’re all alone
I’m on the other end
of the phone.
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