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Emily Rose Nov 2013
all of these people, these relationships
the people we see on the streets, ground level
we see them in the woods
they aren't real
only at night
and when the shadows creep in to cover their true identities
what they actually think, and feel, and see
thats all you can understand
effort is nonexistant and unnecessary
but still
those false people, they are the ones we try for
we try so hard to impress them with our false traits as well
we try to
be funny for them
be cool for them
be hot for them
be skinny for them
we cry for them
we die for them
we starve for them
but what we don't see, what we will never fully see
is that we
Emily Rose Nov 2013
2, 12, 4, 5
spending your life perched on your plush throne
as the forest creeps upon your every move, every thought, every blink of an eye
never even turning to look back, only straight ahead, 60 miles an hour
but is that even a choice?
2 granddaughters
whom for every risk is taken
                   every turn
                   every go
                   every stop

12, 4, 5, now you're quite a distance ahead
living your life knowing exactly what's in front of you
that speckled path contains no surprises, only expectation
you know what you live to do
but do you even know what you are living for?
12 hours with a hand on the wheel
a toe on the gas
a spine slowly curling upon itself,
that which afterwards, you stay up a little
                                         do some work
                                         go to bed

i never get a good night's sleep anymore,
im too busy waiting for my funeral reception

4, 5
flaking first at your delicate edges, then straight to your core
trapped between point a and point b
puppeteered by the ******* who tell you what to do and put it on a sign
moving solely to move others to their futures
their 60,000 dollar futures
4 years until i finally get to retire
though, does retire even mean escape?

5 slips of paper at the end
5 faces, 10 pairs of eyes to bless you
i have never seen a happier man in my life.
Emily Rose Oct 2013
the only word that explains
that defines
that moment

splintery planks, squealing and whining
under our souls' weight

salty paradise, rushing beneath us
peeking up through inevitable imperfections:
the cracks and the holes and the space
before saying goodbye, and riding away forever

starry heavens, carrying us up with them
on their search for escape
from the cynical world on which
they are demanded to shine

and eternal sea breeze
flying, so fast
through our hair, our eyelashes, our fingertips, our toes
our hearts

i will never stop loving you
and you will love me
and we will continue to run
as fast and as far as our lives will take us
before our search for an answer
is expended
by our own curiosity and pure desire
and we leave the world, and instead live the word
that which is:
Emily Rose Oct 2013
a conceptual dream:
everywhere you go
everything you do
every place
every feeling
after you stop, or leave, or cease to feel

it all just keeps on going, without you
so, basically, the world functions
and life moves
even with the absence of everyone
and every feeling, every place, every thought
does not even exist
because everybody needs to stop
doing things
and move on
and leave everyone else behind

— The End —