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 Jan 2016 Emily Pidduck
 Jan 2016 Emily Pidduck
but after a while
the small cuts become
big ones
and after a while
it doesn't really help
anymore so
you start finding other ways
to destroy yourself
like never sleeping and
drinking too much liquor and
kissing strangers and
letting your friends slowly drift away
 Jan 2016 Emily Pidduck
 Jan 2016 Emily Pidduck
it is such
a sad thing
to see
when a girl
falls in love
with the words
he says
rather than
the actions
he makes
Arrow loves the prey
Rope adores the bull's neck
Ocean loves the gasping fish ashore
Sky yearns for the shooting star
Root loves the drained well
Flower likes the empty pupa
The Destitute loves himself

The girl washing clothes in the river says:
My love is to this finger
To erase dirt from hidden creases
To wipe the soap-burned eyes
To point at those peeping eyes
Amidst the bushes
What else I have?

In the idle hours
Without going anywhere
Whatever has it not shown me
Took me to wherever not
This slender stout finger
Translation of 'Viral' Malayalam poem of Sivakumar Ambalapuzha by the author himself.
I hear the yip of the coyotes
Their mournful cries call to me
Beckoning to come and run free
To leave all heartache in the town
Come and run, prey we have found  
Shed the shell that keeps you caged
Run with us, free your rage
Care no more for all you hold dear
Come with us, we will be your family here
Alone you will not be
Just come run with us, be free  
Their call so enticing
I want to go, be with them
What holds me back, I do not know
Time is up, here I go
How I long to just leave it all behind. Heed the call...
on the eggplant
and magenta mottled
side of a snow leopard

its paws barely touching
the winter hills below

(C) 1/16/2016
I'm feeling bad about taking off...
you are all SO kind. I'm sorry...

I just had to post this.
One of the glorious Arizona sunsets
is unfolding outside. Wanted to share...
 Jan 2016 Emily Pidduck
Yes I remember
that night
in midwinter,
the one
that we burned
on the hill,
and the moon
and the stars
and the
somersault sparks
and wanting
it all
to stay still,
and yes I remember
the warmth
of the embers
and daring
the future
with hope
at the
very same time
your fingers
touched mine
as softly as if
they were smoke.
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