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  Feb 2016 Emily Dawn
William Robinson
I hope you are unhappy wherever you are.
And may you always lose the keys to your car.
May your underwear be uncomfortable all your life
and may you hit all the red lights whenever you drive.
May your upstairs neighbor party all night long
and may the radio never play your favorite song.
May your skin never reach the smoothness of silk
and may your cookies break when you dip them in milk.
Because I don't want you dead for just hurting me
But I wish for you that tiny extra bit of misery.
I would never wish for any exceptionally bad things towards my Ex. This is mostly for fun! ;)
  Feb 2016 Emily Dawn
She was delicate
She was fragile
Yet unbreakable

No other feeling
Could compare
To the way I felt
When I was with her

Between heaven
And earth suspended  
We were even
Our time was expended

Oh to those were the good times
She is now long gone
What was once delicate
And had it's rarity shone upon

This others you call mortals
Because to them you were a god
But I knew you weren't perfect
I knew you were flawed

But once you saw me
For what I truly was
my monstrosities
And all my flaws

That is who I was
That is who I am
You casted me away
Your love was a sham

You casted me away forever
Banished me in to the darkness
For centeries of eternal despondency
Nothing but complete blackness
  Jan 2016 Emily Dawn
Sam Y Starlight
..She tried to find herself
in places that didn't exist
Aaargh! Can't believe I won the daily! Thank you to everyone who liked and shared. Lots of love.
Emily Dawn Nov 2015
He smells of fireworks.
Well, now that I think of it- not the explosions
His scent is of that burn that lingers-
I know,
I know that it is acrid,
That when he leaves I will taste it, while it burns my throat.
But isn't it exciting anyway?
Emily Dawn Oct 2015
Days when the darkest dreams I dreamt when I was small seem as faerie stories to me,
When I, monstrous, loom in the mirror ready to inflict another hurt
Days when my bones, awful, lumbering, heavy things sink so deep into my mattress springs that I cannot move for the weight of them

On these days, if it were not for my sanctuary, I would sleep and sleep till there was no waking-
but oh how lovely my sanctuary is.

It may not be brick, or wood or stone, but my mothers arms are safer than those- I swear.
And no, it has no guard standing watch, but my father is as good as- I know it.

And yes, it is dark outside.
It is so pitch that when I gaze through the window I am scared it might just have swallowed the sun-
But when my brothers are laughing with me,
or my grandparents are loving me,
or when all of these, my most beloved, are simply near to me;
I feel brighter than any star the universe has ever seen.
There are so many days when it's impossible to see these things or hold onto this feeling, but they are not days I want to write about right now.
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