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  May 2015 Emily Billington
Here I sit broken hearted,
Tried to **** but only farted
later on i took my chance
tried to **** and **** my pants
  May 2015 Emily Billington
you're the iceberg to my titanic .
you took me by surprise..
and left me in a wreck .
left a hole in the center of my heart
made me unfixable and cold and *broken
past experiences ;
My eyes are open
But I cannot see
All the abuse you’ve been doing to me

You say you’re sorry, and I say ok
Even though I know it shouldn’t be this way
What kind of power do you hold over me
That I cannot run, I cannot flee

You tell me you own me
And this I believe
I think you would **** me
If I tried to leave

They tell me there are shelters
For women like me
Somehow you’d find it
I’ll never be free

You tell me you love me
It won’t happen again
Until later that night
This will never end

You buy me flowers
The very next day
What can I do, what can I say
I say a quick thank you and go to my room
Knowing what’s coming
I’m filled with dark gloom

I hear the footsteps coming down the hall
I try to hide, but trip and fall
You come in the room, roaring mad
I can feel that this time is going to be real bad

You come towards me
Fists ready to go
I can’t go through this again
This much I know

I grab the lamp next to the bed
Smash it violently over your head

You fall to the floor
Blood everywhere
I feel calm, not at all scared

I pick up the phone
Call 911
And think to myself
What the hell have I done!
Emily Billington Apr 2015
Skip dinner
to be thinner  
   Don't make a mistake
say you just ate
  Stand on the scale
To see you have failed
#anorexic  #skinny
Hello my name is Anorexia
I will make you an obsessive freak
You will hate yourself
I will make you hungry and weak

I will turn your meat to bones
You will lose excessive weight
You must be super skinny
Food you must hate

Skinny is perfect
So your diet is strict
You live struggling
Because you are an addict

Do not eat breakfast
The scale numbers matter
Do not eat lunch
Do not get fatter

I promise to make you beautiful
I am your best friend
I will make you so skinny
Even if your life might end
  Apr 2015 Emily Billington
Look, you dumb *****, you did it again!
Going like this, you'll never be thin.
You can't eat a morsel, not one bite.
It's too much grief, you know it's not right.
Look at yourself! Grabbing handfuls of fat!
Nobody wants to be around that.
Break every mirror, skip every meal.
Only then will you be skinny for real.

— The End —