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1.7k · Dec 2018
heather rain
emilienne 09 Dec 2018
you wouldn't believe the shades of pain
the incoming rain written all over her face
angels really do exist but you would never know
i see nothing in her eyes, oh my god where did she go
905 · Jul 2018
emilienne 09 Jul 2018
war is hell
war is hell in a shotgun shell
open your mind look at the sky right now
watch your sister's words float up through the smoke
we're going to die we're going to die do you understand
there are thousands of years in our skin
264 · Jul 2017
emilienne 09 Jul 2017
and i'm still struggling to find a way
that i could possibly forgive myself
for what i never did
and for who i never was
35 · Jun 20
emilienne 09 Jun 20
i know i'm a child.
just know everything i do is for you.
i tried to change things
i tried to be strong for everyone
will you please try for me?
i'm growing so weak
in the dead of this personal winter.
bring me back home
i beg of anyone who can hear me
bring me back home.

— The End —