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 Nov 2018 emilienne 09
Love didn't end wars
It started them
 Oct 2018 emilienne 09
you wake up
his hair is spilled across the pillow,
the sun slants across his cheekbone
and his breath is slow and even.
he smells like an open field
and his body is wrapped around yours
so he keeps you warm.
you think,
there is no moment better than this,
that he is too perfect to exist.
but you wake up gasping,
skin soaked in sweat.
you lie there for a long time,
in your completely empty bed.
i pull the cord
a sputter and a spit

tells me,
let the grass grow under
your feet
pick no
let the leaves lie where
they fall
put a lounge chair
on the front lawn
sunbathe naked
(***** the neighbors)
throw the empty
beer cans
into the street
and when the cops come.

pick a mountain
any mountain

climb up through
the ice and snow
and when
you get to the top
of the mountain

keep climbing
I wonder if I should have used commas?
 Jul 2018 emilienne 09
BJ Donovan
I'm Haunted by the Women I Left

  I never meant to cause them pain. I loved them all forever.
  They were sweet, kind, strong and patient to a fault. I was
  never deserving of their love. Maybe a little for I loved
  but it faded over time until it was invisible as were they.
  Just ghosts haunting me in my dreams as real as any pain.
  Six feet under won't do. It will be a crowded grave.
 Apr 2018 emilienne 09
BJ Donovan
God of Poets
    Tonight I'd trade my soul for inspiration.
    A couple of drinks in and I'm still dry.
    Some simple rhyme would do, even a haiku.
    Ironic truths or lies might prime the pump?

    I beg the god of poets to bless me tonight.
    Just a quick bolt of lighting; magic potion?
    I'll sacrifice my dictionary and thesaurus in
    a ritual burning! Just a little limerick.
 Apr 2018 emilienne 09
BJ Donovan
I'm not sure why I called,
but I'm glad I did.
It's great to hear your voice.
Let's get a drink sometime.
 Apr 2018 emilienne 09
BJ Donovan
Musical Chairs

    We circle the chairs listening to music.
    There aren't enough seats. Someone dies.
    We barely mourn them 'til were at it again,
    around the chairs, 1 less, music stops and death.
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