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  Mar 2018 Émilie Murray
God. How am I still not okay?

God. It's been so long.

God. I'm so tired of life right now.

God. What happened to me?

I was such a nice kid.
I was calm all the time.
Mature for my age,
Little but so lively.

I was so helpful.
So loyal.
I always supported my trust.
But I never really spoke my mind.

I was shy.
I was small.
I never stood up for my feelings
I never stood up for myself.

And now I'm older.
I realize I don't need support.
I need myself.
I need confidence.

Speaking your mind is not wrong.
Standing up for your feelings isn't rude.
Standing up for yourself isn't mean.
Saying what you feel doesn't make you imperfect.

No one's perfect. Not even them.
The ones you hate for being so amazing.
Maybe she has anxiety.
Maybe his mom is alcoholic.

No one has a perfect life.
There's not one perfect family in the world.
There is not a person in the world who's perfect.
There's not a person who doesn't have one bit of strife.

But just because you aren't perfect.
Doesn't make you less worth it.
You're amazing.
You're still charming, kind, and strong.

You're just more experienced.
You just understand some more things now.

And maybe, just maybe,
You just aren't as shy anymore.
I'm not perfect. But I'm not shy anymore either.
Émilie Murray Mar 2018
I don't write very pretty,
I don't always rhyme.
The words in my mind are going to fast,
To fast to edit too fast to revise

I don't write for attention,
I know I'm not that good
I'm just looking for an outlet,
Please don't be so rude
Émilie Murray Mar 2018
Back and forth back and forth,
Never knowing always caring
Am I to fat, what is my worth?
Is the mirror lying?

Do I look slutty, do I look prudish
Is my hair frizzing up?
The boys are acting kind of rudish
Will I always be stuck in this rut?

I thought I look good today
But then I saw the mirror
I almost felt good today
But now my mind is clearer.
Émilie Murray Mar 2018
I wish that everybody would just be quiet
And listen to what the birds had to say.

The human race can be so insensitive
But the worst part is we don't even know we're doing it

We crawl through our meaningless lives
Pretending like we know what we're doing

Apparently, we're the most intelligent of our time
I think that should be put up for debate

Have you ever thought about what the ladybugs would say?
Of course not, because that would be crazy

Every single person sees themselves as above at least one thing in life
don't even try to deny it

How do we constantly live with so much drama?
I swear it's getting to my head

Just once in my life, I'd like to witness true silence
Enough to hear the sound of my own thoughts
  Mar 2018 Émilie Murray
Tiana Marie
I don't know who she is,
but I can make
believe the truth.

She’s a princess
Of an island
Somewhere right outside Peru.

She’s the daughter
Of a grand king
And a lovely queen too.

I imagine
A long line
Of men who’d want to pursue

The fair maiden
the heiress
Of a throne she’ll soon assume.

She’ll rule with power and grace,
A smile on her face,
Kindness in her heart,
She’ll give the kingdom a new start.

Though some may doubt,
I know that's who she'll be.
Even if she's not,
She'll always be a princess to me.
  Nov 2016 Émilie Murray
Allan Mzyece
Sometimes I wonder why I only have two followers on hello poetry
Maybe I am too boring
Maybe I should stop writing and delete my profile
I only get One like for my work
Scared that I'd break
Poets thanks for the hate!
guess I am not so great :(
Maybe I am too boring,
But I am happy, because I gave my followers some hella great poetry

One day you will know I AM GREAT!
  Nov 2016 Émilie Murray
Allan Mzyece
As a little boy I grew up so Broken and so Sad,
For Papa committed suicide and Mama died right in my hands
Only at the age of seven did I surely dance with the devil
My family fed me hatred till I was fade up
I'll spit in God's face if he ever shows up!
cause I was born to sin not to live my dream, with black skin that made cursive Noah scream,
Ever since I lost my Parents; my Family showed me their ******* true colours
the only person that loved me
was my adorable girlfriend "Ashley"
She was to die for,
but she committed suicide on her bathroom floor
A young talent like me they say "should be sponsered"
But why live life without your loved ones?
They tell me to upstage the world,
I wasn't born a Star and I will never be a Star!
drew a Pentagram on my face and said "Kid you'll surely make it far!"
drew a Pentagram on my Face!
I have a goat hidden right in my place!
Like the goat diagram on my face
I am not a Star, I am a Pentagram!!!
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