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Ordering a drink.
      I really need that empty glass.  

The lights are slow.   The pace
                        is dim.    The room
         has a sense of non about it.
A piano man plays
                    tuneless  songs.        
                   And couples    stare    
     past each other.
I kept trying to tag a positive end on this poem, and every time I did it told me to F' off and get back to work
1985 i arrived
Just like 80's film
I hit 'em with the boots in July
I don't need snow
I gotta go bigger
I gotta go figure
There's an aching,
There's a hole in my chest
It's amazing
That the crown of a king doesn't change me
It's amazing
But that's when I remember
That we all want,
We all need fashion.
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