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978 · Jun 2014
Ember Grace Jun 2014
Tap Thud Crunch Swish
an endless, fruitless search for that one word
the perfect onomatopoeia
to express the sound of footfalls on a mountain trail

But perhaps that is right
it is not a sound
it is a sound, a feeling, a smell, a thought

United by lightness

Rapid sound of trainers touching earth
Feeling of strength, speed
Smell of sweat and crushed pine needles
Thought of invincibility, thought of lightness


The legs don't beat
they plod
muscles play games, giving a taste of lightness
just to show what you're missing

then pain. sick and slowly building
ball and chain


But I need the lightness
need it more than air
more than water
more than food

more than food

Maybe, if they had less weight to carry
The legs would work again?

But who am I kidding
They'll never work
they don't deserve the fuel
the food

can't control the muscles
can't control the pain
can't regain the lightness

Need to find the lightness
won't eat until I do

— The End —