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Sincerely Em Oct 2019
I’ve been sailing across a galaxy
Where the light never seems to die
Where my soul is free to wander -
And dwell among the stellar skies
Where colors are constantly changing
And sounds fade in but never out
Where silence welcomes in chaos
Yet the stillness of being is embraced throughout ...
Sincerely, Em
Sincerely Em Jul 2019
Lately, I’ve been chasing the moon
To where it’s always night
Where the stars are always shining
They remind me of your eyes
Let your stardust blow through my ear
Like when you whispered to me
“I love you and I love the night, you’ll always find me here”
Sincerely, Em
Sincerely Em Jun 2019
This one’s for all the waves
That have flooded my boat
For the changes of wind
And all fate unsought  

It’s for the shifting constellations
That have left me astray
Yet it’s for a loving God
Who has shown me the way

This one’s for the heartfelt laughs
More so, it’s for the shedded tears
My growing soul, my grateful heart
My patient mind and overpowered fears

It’s for my everlasting hope
In a meadow always in bloom
Watered with my faith
Guarded by my seven moons
Sincerely, Em
Sincerely Em Apr 2019
Take me with you
As you blow through my hair
Fly me far off
Up and anywhere

Take me with you
As you flow away from the shore
We’ll go join the others
In the deep
Blue core

Take me with you
As you set away from time
Let me rise with you
Into another sky

Take me with you
As you pass through the light
My soul is longing
For what is beyond
My sight
Sincerely, Em
Sincerely Em Feb 2019
What if the sounds of heavy winds -
Were calls of souls in despair
Tormented by oblivion
As our memories of them fade

Standing behind my closed window
Gazing at the swaying leaves
Would the misunderstood chaos cease
If the unseen was to be seen

Like those souls, were my tears
They poured for you to see
But you spared them for oblivion
To be swallowed by my cheeks

I understood the crying winds
As they understood my tears
So I opened up my window
Welcoming in the unseen

Furious, you ran towards me
Pushing the window shut
I reached out as I fell with the wind
But my arms remained untouched

It was then that I realised
The truth about my tears
Like the wind, I was living -
On the other side, unseen

So my calls of despair began to fade
Whilst heavy winds rain away -
Into far-off skies, accepting fate -
Of my forgotten soul in decay
Sincerely, Em
Sincerely Em Dec 2018

I love you ...
With every thought that resides in my overthinking mind
With every beat that races against my anxious heart
With every tear that falls insignificant amongst my waves of sadness

But I also love you ...
With every smile that visits my face
With every song that I sing
With every moment of silence that I spend gazing upon you

I love you in my lows -
When I choose to pull down the curtains and pull up my covers

I love you in my highs -
When I dance around my kitchen alone to the echoing sounds of your voice in my head

I love you in my weakness;
It's when I feel your arms picking me up

I love you in my strength;
It's when I hear you clapping in the distance

I love you when I'm afraid;
It's when I feel you enveloping my being

I love you when I'm brave;
It's when you tell me "I told you so"

I love you when all the words of love choose to die away
I love you when I'm digging up graves to express
I love you when love silences me

And as I'm sitting here looking back at you, staring into your mesmerising yet confused eyes I realise ... there must be more to you that I haven't loved yet

It is not enough

Or so you've said ...

Sincerely, Em
Sincerely Em Oct 2018
I’m sorry
for the craters on my body
make me incomplete
and the galaxies within me
are starting to deplete

I’m sorry
for my stars have misled you
along the way
and my darker-growing tunnel
has sent you astray

I’m sorry
for my skies carry clouds
of heavy rain
and the warmth of my sun
inflicts only burning pain

I’m sorry
for my waves have crashed
into your home
and my narrow caves
have broken your bones

I’m sorry
for my wilted spine
has crawled into the soil
and my withering gardens
have lost all joy

I’m sorry
for believing that I could
heavenly adorn
a mourning heart
with walls of thorns
Sincerely, Em
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