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Uninvited pain at its peak,
I'm speechless but i wanna speak ,
against the crowd but on my feet ,
then all i can do is hope.

I'm trapped in this open cage ,
with beasts who are full of rage,
when death is near before its age,
all i can do is hope.

I want to be my best
better then the rest
with my life if i have to cope
all i can do is hope .
Every thing was quite,
Silence had said it all


as if time had stopped still.
Death was standing tall!
Scattered blood and bodies, flying high,
the smoke had released all the spirits in the sky.

Cries everywhere, tears

So helpless, so hopeless
people looked all around.
Stunned for a moment;
could do nothing at all.
in the chaos and confusion;
they could hear their call.

The wind had stopped still,
the horrifying end.
Terror took over,
no time to repent..

the sound of the bomb
had blinded them all
freedom from life
Death was standing tall.
Me: - let the bird fly,
         let it leave its nest,
         let the tears cry ,
         when laughter is at its best.

soul let it not heal us,
         let us heal time,
         when your dreams blind your vision;
         let us draw the line.

ME - lets go find the answer ,
          to me easy it seams,
         lets become one,
         and live our dreams.

soulI'ave seen them break many times,
         its me the one who cries,
         every-time your heart breaks;
         its me the one who dies.

ME - OKAY i will **** all my thoughts;
        i wont hurt you no more ;
       will **** those blessed memories;
       that hurt you to the core.

ME -here is the good news,
           i'ave got it out of my head,

          **can you hear me my brother ?!
          are you asleep or are you dead !!!!
Gallivanting on the streets ,
in the light of the dark,
not a tree on the ground,
not a star; not a sparkle .

I walk further,
and hear the,
voices of creatures,
welcoming or warning me.... in whispers.

Enter this narrow lane.
Silence will hit the sane.
wish you were dreaming
your screaming , your screaming

The nervous smile;
in desperation.
the shattered look;
lost to another nation;
filled with admiration.

courageous thoughts of there to dwell;
(a place between heaven and hell;)
but the wrong decision of back to turn;
and the wrong decision on earth to burn.
The door generously open,
and eyes joyfully closed;
feelings departed with my breath,
no emotions left exposed.

My hands in unity joined together,
were gloved and glad;
to hold the cross between them two,
what a beautiful dream i had.

Rested there encumbered,
in the cold breezy night;
my lips were frost and umbered,
and mind purely white.

life is meant to live for others;
Hope and love to give;
what a beautiful dream i had,
what a beautiful dream i lived.
Is this my plight or my destiny ?
The black list of the world,
there is no place for justice,
Injustice on a roll.

Survivors are those with power,
changing the meaning of democracy,
the cries of the powerless go unheard,
to the innocence of the guilty.

now we are used to live in the dark,
we feel that night is day,
if we want our voices to be heard,
we should speak out today.

look for time is running fast,
and see how helpless you are,
stuck in the deadly storm,
and your name in the list is not too far.
The light was the star shinning in the dark,
the feeling was the blood bleeding in the heart,
the rain was just the eternal pain,
everything was fine everything was sane.

But the feeling in the heart was in itself a lie,
the shooting star fell down and died,
the almighty showers sobered down,

— The End —