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 Sep 2 fika
 Sep 2 fika
my colorful insides have never felt so gray
 Jul 21 fika
Poetic justice
I write because it makes me feel like someone is listening,

- or am I finally listening to myself...
 Jul 19 fika
the truth
 Jul 19 fika
I kept saying:
no one loves me
no one thinks I'm beatiful

What I really meant:
I don't love me
I don't think I'm beatiful
 Jun 26 fika
Forever young
 Jun 26 fika
Your never grow old, you just gain experience.
#forever #young #foreveryoung
 Jun 13 fika
Luna Maria
while we
let the sun kiss our skin
we watched the sky
through the leaves
and talked
about the weight of the world
which is laying on the shoulders
of our generation
these days are making it worth to stay.
 Jun 4 fika
Ken Pepiton
Tell a blue bird she is beautiful,
she will say,
I know.
 May 7 fika
 May 7 fika
i once was told
that i loved too much
my lotus heart
opening too quickly,
yearning for a love
deeper than i could handle.
i may be soft,
but i am also a fire
and you are the only one
who sets my heart to bloom.
- for you i wait amongst the wildflowers.
 May 5 fika
you burn me.

and it isn’t anyone’s
fault but mine.

i gave you the match
in the first place.
i told myself never to let love in again, but here i am, burned by the same flame twice.
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