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365 · Apr 2018
questions ❔
Lyka Mosca Apr 2018
That person wants to make people happy
But that one is not.

How did God created a world
When he does not have at first.

How does a road end
And where did it start

That person's questions
Have no answers

As to why that person lives
Or why that person hates to live

Hates to leave
Yet wants to be alone

The surroundings and being surrounded
Is cruel in all possible ways
319 · Apr 2018
Lyka Mosca Apr 2018
I have lived
Wishing I did better
Than what I have
Done before

Wishing I could turn
Back and do things
Right and better than
What I did

So many what ifs in the world
What ifs inside my head
What if I was someone
What if I became someone

What if I lived
Which I used
To be before

Have I changed?
I probably did
Because now,
I'm confused and fed up

From who I am
To what I want
What I need
Who I need

There are so many
Questions, popping
In my head
What couldve been

I want to cry
Its so hard not to let
Everything I feel out
wish for me something good, I'm dying
302 · Apr 2020
Earth's Hue
Lyka Mosca Apr 2020
Burn the leaves
Until nothing is left
Green is not
A color anymore
Just a mere symbol
For hope on Earth

Many are naive
Many are deaf
How long
Can one be blind
That when Earth dies,
We do too.
while people are on lockdown, earth became free
294 · May 2018
Lyka Mosca May 2018
Everytime I try
So hard to be nice
But, I always end up
As a bad person
A nuisance
Someone who existed
To have evilness
In this world..

I always tried so hard
To be better
To be loved
To be understood
Yet I'm always a tool
I wanted to be
So that I could be helpful

But too much, makes me
More than that much
Makes me a greater demon
To the world
208 · Apr 2018
Lyka Mosca Apr 2018
I want to be a picture
That has a permanent smile
That would permanently be adored

I'd like to stay as a figure
With an amazing view
That no one attempts to deduce

The endless smile on a face
Can fade
But in a photo it won't

I want to keep smiling
That way, I can fool myself
That I am happy

I am strong
I am useful
Even if its not
138 · Apr 2020
Lyka Mosca Apr 2020
Help him.
Whether he asks or not,
Whether its heavy or light.

A little assist,
Won't take much time

A while is enough
To ease a broken heart
127 · May 2018
This Night
Lyka Mosca May 2018
Time keeps ticking
Heart keeps beating
Tears are falling

I keep thinking
How my death would come

I cried to You
I called out to You
DepressionGet me with your power

All these pain
Won't fade

— The End —