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there once was a beer named Corona
preferred by the youth with ‘persona’
they drank it with pride
but today they would hide
delight  has turned into a moaner
Where are the times when Corona was just the name of a quite drinkable Mexican beer..?
I am the night owl
flapping its wings
stealthily through your dreams
with a soft  feathery touch
    you may remember
       you once imagined
like the figure at the end
    of the corridor
    whose face always remains
    in the shadow

I am the sower of images
   growing from the dark
touching your mind gently
tapping at forbidden doors
   closed to the brighter hours

I am the prowler of twilight thoughts
that lend shapes
     to your hopes
     and fears and desires
living their lives
     in between

I am the night owl
that shudders
    and folds its wings quietly
when the sun rises
    always too soon
patiently waiting again
until the day is done

* *
I wrote on my arms
And thighs
And neck
And stomach
And chest
And legs
Until the whole of me was covered in my feelings.
I could not speak a word
And so I wrote them.

Now I write on paper
On the canvas
On my nails
On the computer
On books
Until the whole of my life is reflecting my feelings.
I cannot speak a word
And so I write them.
5 months clean. Slowly I learned to channel my urges into healthier outlets. I still think about it a lot tho. Will it ever go away?
I’ve seen such world,
A sight i would always cherish
Seeming end to life that begins,
And we leave with unfinished words

I haven’t flinch nor cried aloud
The blood and sweat of soul
Obligation Shall find unafraid
For we are tears in different shade

We have thoughts that hunt us
The mistakes with saddened memories
A discrete thought of failure and regret
Sleep settles it— when you were not to wake

The life i have lived to the stars
Thoughts can’t fathom into constellations
Beyond this place of grieving smiles
I have lived a life of no regrets
I adhere to some amenity
Probably, possibly it’s difficult to live
I’ve been banished by life’s philosophy
The odds of living is obdurate to believe
I fake a smile to the winds
Believing that I am extraneous to an oblivion
I’m not part of something peculiar
Trying to think that I’m a strain of rejection

I’ve been seeking, looking for happiness,
Longing for it my whole life, I’m restless
Someday I’ll be death itself
Can no longer look back of a living shadow

So long I’ve been looking for happiness
The scatterbrain is a little like
Drizzle of rain
Neither here, nor there, but everywhere
Rendering summer’s mid day
Looking back at autumn’s memories
A warm winter having winds of may
Yonder saddened by tears of enormities

It is a difficult and intertwined world
Little by little we became distant
We became obsess with wealth
Forgotten to what is more important

What will words could ever be
Thoughts, farthest words form probably
In the place rainbow born and dies
And where the end of this life lies

When do you think people die?
When the heart stops beating?
When the body is as cold as ice?
No, it’s when.. they’re forgotten

— The End —