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Aug 4 · 104
Live up to your name!
It’s not full of shame;
But it causes mayhem—
And distraught to men.

I possess audacity,
I don’t tolerate hypocrisy,
I live within the society,
I encourage diversity.

I am me.
Aug 4 · 98
For a certain question—
there is no exact answer.
And there are questions—
that always remain unanswered.
Aug 3 · 138
Do you think you can handle me?
I can’t even handle myself.
Oh dearie me!
What a shame!
Aug 3 · 153
Mundane Possibilities
Fire blazes.
Wind lashes.
Water engulfs.
Earth devours.

But do not leave.
Instead, live.
You are strong—
Enough to lead a throng.
Aug 3 · 557
Take One
He said: “Let’s start.”
She said: “It’s the end.”
What’s the silver lining between start and end?
Aug 2 · 82
Breathe in, breathe out
One, two, three—
It’s a necessity.
But I beg to disagree—
It’s a luxury.
Jul 30 · 103
I Am
I am different.
You are different.
They are different.
Why would I get afraid?
Why would you get afraid?
Why would they get afraid?
Jul 30 · 205
Quarter Life
At 21, my life began.
At 22, I was expected to earn a dollar or two.
At 23, they said I should conquer the world before I turn sixty.
At 24, the world paused and I lost everything I worked hard for.
At 25, it’s a reset.
Jul 28 · 134
Everyone hears you.
Not everyone listens to you.
Jul 26 · 185
I fought.
In the battle ground.
I surrendered.
In my own game.
I lost.
In the arena of life.
Jul 26 · 103
Mask’s Smile
Broken glass.
Shattered dreams.
Defeated game.
Crumbling inside.
Yet you smile—
And say “I’m okay.”
Jul 16 · 187
Point of Views
We only see what we want to see.
We only hear what we want to hear.
We only do what we want to do.
Jul 15 · 417
One Step
I’m stuck
At a time I shouldn’t stop.
I’m lost
At a place I shouldn’t cross.
Jul 14 · 122
Shadow of a Star
I watch as the night unfold its beauty:
The luminescent moon shining above
And the stars that sparkle throughout the night.
He said: “The light that you see from those stars has been emitted several years ago.”
I smiled.
I said: “I know. Just as how humanity appreciate the value of someone when they’re long gone.”
I smiled bitterly at the stars.
“I miss you.” I murmured.
Jul 14 · 508
We were born at the same time but in different worlds.
We walked in the same world but at different times.
Jul 14 · 231
As I struggle to fill my lungs with oxygen,
As I fight the burning sensation in my eyes,
I asked why—
Why’d you let go?
Jul 2 · 198
A Pen’s Pain
“Why do you write?”
Someone asked.
I smiled.
“It’s depressing when I read it.”
She continued.
And yet, I smiled again.
Note: More often than not, the depth of a writer’s soul is shown at the tip of a pen.
Jul 1 · 118
You will meet that person.
You meet that person.
You met that person.
And stayed like that.
Stayed in the past.
Is there a person in the past that you wish had stayed with you until you become your own past?
Jul 1 · 80
Seven Senses
Can you touch it?
Can you hear it?
Can you taste it?
Can you see it?
Can you smell it?
Let me ask again.
Can you touch the broken shadows?
Can you hear the painful bellows?
Can you taste the bitter truth?
Can you see the dreadful youth?
Can you smell the putrid words?
Can you feel the movement of one’s action?
Can you perceive the sensation of your nerves?
Now let me ask again.
What can you do—
In a world that went through and through?
What can you give—
To a person who is desperate to live?
What can you...
It’s hard to lend a hand when you can’t sympathize but sometimes it’s harder to lend a hand pretending that everything is alright.
Jun 29 · 201
Pinch Me
Where are your words?
Or were they meant to be just words?
What should I do when reality hits me?
Jun 29 · 112
Are you in?
Life is either—
A game of pretense,
An arena of mockery,
Or a gift of eccentricity.
What choices do we have?
Jun 27 · 289
Sweet Poison
His spoken words were:
“I will love you.”
And so he loved me.
Then left me.
Because his unspoken words were:
“I will leave you.”
Jun 27 · 287
Flight 340
Flying at 41,000 feet high
Cruising into the night sky
I watch it pass by
Bidding my goodbye.
Birth. Death. Beginning.
Jun 27 · 152
The clarity of what’s in front:
Made me realize what’s at hand.
With courage,
I faced her—
I saw a pair of jet black eyes,
About to slip tears of goodbyes.
I saw a chapped pink lips,
Trembling with much anxieties.
I saw her—
Her fears.
Her regrets.
Her loneliness.
Her helplessness.
Pass through that glass—
Drenched by the clear droplets of rain;
I saw her reflection.
Then, I broke the glass.
I saw myself.
Then, I kissed death.
What’s your ellipsis?
Jun 25 · 143
Chronicle of Life
This is the chronicle of life.

The stars collided,
The asteroids went astray,
And the comets pour down like snow.
What we don’t know—
Is the breath of life beyond the void.
The waves of sound that signifies a kingdom;
The clashing of worlds and survival of men.
That’s how it is.
Time and space is immaterial.
Without doubt,
The universe is vast, enormous and mysterious from afar.
However, life will always be a war.
Fought between men—
With bows and arrows,
With swords and shields,
With spears and poisons,
With guns and cannons.
And in the end,
It will be a bloodbath.
As red as scarlet;
As black as the darkness.
Yet its horrors and ghosts form part of what we call— history.
That’s how it is.
Time and space is immaterial.
The universe is vast, enormous and mysterious from afar.
And all of these will be forgotten:
Like a death of a distant star.

This is the chronicle of life.
Jun 25 · 108
Lady Lonely
It was raining hard and patient
The doorknob clicked
The room was lit up
But it was heavy inside
The heaviness was surly
She heaved a sigh
With her light footsteps
She crossed the room
Her charcoal dark hair
Like waves of the ocean;
Dropped down through her frame
Her tired doe brown eyes
Covered by her curly lashes
Wandered through the windows
Her calloused fragile hands
Cold as ice and snow
Traced the windowsill
Clasped them in her heart
She was lonely
Alone in her midst
Alone in her pain
Alone in her memories.
This was my last piece since 2018. I haven’t written anything since then. It’s hard to loose my touch in writing.
Jan 2 · 90
A Warrior’s Heroine
Is it awful?
Is it dreadful?
Is it pleasant?
Is it splendid?
No words can explain the sentiments of a soldier.
For it hurts more than a thousand raindrops of bullets,
A mountain of horrifying grenades,
A roaring line of cannons—
Bombing through the air.
And down below,
Bits of debris.
Covering the ground.
And she said:
“Take shelter my warrior.
But should you not forget.
For things will go smoothly.
Go now...
And never come back.
For the wind will take its place.
Strong and abrupt.
And then.
The dark.”
Sep 2017 · 109
Memoirs of Adieu
Lulu Sarmiento Sep 2017
She was a lady of valor and of might,
But she was also weak, scared and couldn’t fight;
Her love was as passionate as lovers could be,
But her tears were as painful as thorns should be.

You informed her not that you’re leaving,
Soon, you’ll see her bitterly crying;
Until she has foreseen the doom,
You couldn’t respond ‘cause her face was of gloom.

It fell down; her tears of love was real,
She almost cry her heart out with pain the that she feels;
Your knightly arms will calm her,
On her face will be a carved laughter.

But it cannot be done any more.
You’re too far and you leaved her with a sore.
She was bewildered, wandering from the ocean floor.
In her beautiful visage her tears pour.

The enormous waves on the ocean’s surface,
Her rushing tears from her gloomy face;
On the fine seashore sands,
There she walks and behind the yacht she stands.

Your memoirs are her reminisces of the past,
On the sunset, there her eyes was caste.
Dawn came of no assurance,
She awakes but she responded with no compliance.

She yearns for your presence.
She weeps for your absence.
She longs for reconciliation.
She was beaten out of compassion.
Sep 2017 · 105
The Silent City
Lulu Sarmiento Sep 2017
Behold. The sounds of the whistling wind.
The water above,
Mimicking the silver dew drops.
And down it pours.
Touching the darkness,
Empty yet hallowed ground.
A village of cold stones,
Flat beds of green grass.
And the scattered,
Rotted or dried.
Petals of roses and chrysanthemum.
The heavy and monotonous downpour--
Erasing marks of men,
Of women,
Of children.
Whose tears flowed.
Longing for the souls;
Traveling beyond eternity.
Sep 2017 · 102
Conundrum Within
Lulu Sarmiento Sep 2017
It strikes -- the scorching sun.
Her hair is messed up in a bun.
The habit. The veil. It was a chain.
She walked passed--
Dashed on the abbey,
Where she belonged.
Down past the silent corners.
Deep inside the high-unending walls.
The deafening silence,
The mute languages.
Secrets. Enigmas. Paradigms.
Hides the very thoughts of her shadows.
Her history,
Her memory,
Her identity.
Alas! Her name will forever be a mystery.
Buried secretly in a discreet grave--
Wasted. Rotting.
Concealed by the glowing epitaph.
Destroyed she will be.
Unspoken words are the ones that are screaming out of one’s eyes.

— The End —