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  May 2015 elle
letting go is love too
elle May 2015
i miss you
where are you
elle May 2015
you were my anchor
a source of strength
as I refused to sink

you are my anchor
tied around my feet

but i must set sail now
let loose of the ropes
& please, *just let me go
elle May 2015
You held my hand
but just like that
*you were gone
elle May 2015
you will
forever be
*my always
this is what you said to me
elle May 2015
You are a ghost
that haunts my coast
lighting up every inch
leaving me with a flinch
  May 2015 elle
you were drowning,
and i stood there watching,
not that i did not care,
but because i cared too much.

i was scared
that if i swam to save you,
i'll end up drowning
both of us.
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