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7.2k · Apr 2014
Instinctive Wolf
Ellen Dawson Apr 2014
Teeth pierce your flesh
Drown in your cries
Echoes of bitter howls
Taint these blackened skies

Skin crawls in the dirt
Diseased by desire
Red tongues drip
We chase but never tire

So run with the wolves
Keep company with the earth
Enter my torn body
To me you have no worth
4.6k · Apr 2014
Tactile Hallucinations
Ellen Dawson Apr 2014
Your touch closes my eyes
I let your words traumatise my mind
Your breath dampens my skin,
Provoking apocalyptic thoughts from within

The trickle of your touch
Is eating at my mind,
I keep your desires fed,
Thirst and hatred intertwined

Disrupting my insides
My lips escape discordant harmonies,
As in you I confide,
That the truth's foreign to my eyes

You remain my fixation
A sinister hallucination
Occurrences of formination
Are my self-rehabilitation
3.9k · Apr 2014
Ellen Dawson Apr 2014
Find a boat make it shipshape,
Sail to you, my island.
So beautiful and rare,
Blister in heat of the moment

But I'm not alone here,
We could watch the stars
But your eyes wonder
I try not to ponder

Focus your attention,
And I won't ever mention
Other places
Beyond these seas.
A jealous girlfriend is a caring one
540 · Apr 2014
Free Me
Ellen Dawson Apr 2014
Shadows seep into me,
Your breath claws my skin,
Wear down your knuckles,
Patience growing thin,

Your wrath holds me down,
Breathe till the noose tightens,
Under this black water
The dark ice cold frightens,

Surrounded by the world
But still I stand alone,
Hold on till my hands break
Then whisper my last moan,

Slip from my body,
Sink deep in this sea,
Freedom at last,
Free to be me.
Inspired by a book I read based on a girl who was severely abused by her father, and who eventually became a victim of ******
500 · Apr 2014
Ellen Dawson Apr 2014
I hide in the corner
As you break me some more,
My shadowed heart
Is swollen and sore.

— The End —