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It was the last night,
Lying on my bed.
We stared at the ceiling,
Knowing he would be gone,
The next morning.

Life would start again.

I started to cry,
Profoundly sad.

It wasn't all for him,
But for everything that doesn't work out,
Because we are getting older.

I love you.
I love you.

You are my past.
Copyright Marie Hess 2009
Hands gripped tightly to the wheel
Radio off, wipers on
Nowhere to go
The house is not home
Not anymore
The car was quiet
He had one passenger
His blue knapsack filled
With what he could salvage
He threw the car into reverse
And now the only thing left to do
Is drive
I’ve trudged through them before
Like dragging through wet snow
My body has been growing sore
And Time is moving slow
The nights they seem a little darker
The days are not so bright
In my room I see a flicker
And am consumed by fading light
Despite the night I will see all
A motion picture in my head
Tomorrow my motion will cease to crawl
I’ll lie still within my bed
In silence we agree
that someday we will be
finding ourselves South Bound.
In recent days I’ve found
this city to be suffocating.
We need something invigorating.
Though when we talk aloud
about being south bound
I notice that it mostly seems
like we are sharing only dreams.
And so in silence we agree
That someday we will be
I remember a time when time was just a number,
where the only times where school and dinner.
When I didn't have to grow up to be what I want,
but I could act it out in a secret lair or a parking lot.
As you become old, they try to rid you of you imagination,
well I say nay as I fly my submarine in a train station.
You know what take my wallet, live my life,
because I am a ninja hiding in the night.
Go ahead, try and catch me if you can,
Big old stupid corporate man.
You might be sophisticated and civilized,
so what, I am a 50 foot spider that can freakin' fly!
I will be the gladdest thing
  Under the sun!
I will touch a hundred flowers
  And not pick one.

I will look at cliffs and clouds
  With quiet eyes,
Watch the wind bow down the grass,
  And the grass rise.

And when lights begin to show
  Up from the town,
I will mark which must be mine,
  And then start down!

— The End —