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Ellen Bee Mar 2017
Sometimes, I wish I was cold-hearted.

And I have no idea why.
Ellen Bee Mar 2017
You'll never read this.
And I'll never see your face again.
Not in real life anyway.
It pops up.
In my dreams.
In my train of thought.
Many years ago
I thought
We were
The story of infidelity
*** in the park
And heartbreak.
It turns out
We were
The story of lies
Unintentional love
Undeserved passion
And lessons learned
All the wrong ways.
And now I know
You didn't love me
And you didn't love her.
And I'm glad I'll never
See your face again.
Ellen Bee Nov 2015
I used to think about you every day
Bittersweet and nostalgic
Now I think of you when the moon is blue
I forget your middle name
Ellen Bee Jul 2014
I am from nowhere special.
I am from a small place.
I am from bonfires and intoxication.
I am from my parents.
I am from their love.
I am from their hate.
I am from a womb that later housed two others.
I am from lonliness and self-mutilation.
I am from Ramen and frozen pizzas.
I am from mental illness.
I am from coffee and cigarettes.
I am from Grandma's biscuits.
I am from laughter and too many tears.
I am from getting high on the roof.
I am from an altered state of mind.
I am from my mother.
I am from seeing the sky.
I am from hope of better things.
I am from the search of soul mates.
I am from me.
Marta Maria Miranda mimic
Ellen Bee Jul 2014
I'm a hopeless romantic

that really likes to ****.
Ellen Bee Jul 2014
Six years old and we thought we knew
How it would all turn out
But Prince Charming doesn't
Go through hell to find us
He doesn't love us more
Because we're not completely human
The beasts don't transform
Just because we love them
One kiss doesn't awaken us
We're never rescued from the Gustavs
The Jafars
Or the wicked witches
And there are never any happily ever afters
Ellen Bee Apr 2014
I like the way the sky smells in the summer
And your hand in my hair
I like coffee and cigarettes
And how the ashtray fills with our secrets
I like it rough
And every end of a good book
I like the greener side of happiness
And the way it was
I like a mystic sense of humor
And magic
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