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Elle Kris May 2022
I forget the way to fill

an empty space.

How do I create
when all I've done is erase?
Elle Kris Jan 2019
Steal from me
Run your sticky fingers
Across my nearly bare shelves

Take it all
Fill your empty pockets
Until they grow and swell

I won't be happy
Until you strip the paint off my walls
Elle Kris Jun 2018
I bloomed like a flower for you.
An annual.
Elle Kris Feb 2018
My taste buds paint a picture so vivid
I have to say grace before I let my mind wander
Elle Kris Apr 2016
Our first time
in a long time
so dark and so sweet.
I imagine
being yours
beyond the sheets.
Elle Kris Aug 2015
Warm body longs for love.
In and out.
So deep you scrape the darkness of my blue-black soul.

Throbbing heart craves release.
slip and slide
until you've nearly drowned.
Elle Kris Apr 2014
You taught me how to see in the dark.

And when you left for the last time,
you turned on the light.
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