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l b d Sep 2020
under his feet
the trees reawakened
the brush found skins of leather
in his nakedness

as powerful as the gesture was,
their gun came to ****
l b d Sep 2020
there was a dawn
floating over the odds
out of sight
where many had rusted

he hovered above
the ominous plaster,

and the fear he caused began
l b d Sep 2020
metal and twisted
the cage went up the ropes
to find
a long end

the darkness was sticky,
the strain clung to a faint light
with his right hand

for a moment,
he saw resolve
l b d Sep 2020
the wire crept away
from a hollow

they walked around their throats,
his face was a snarl
on the other's teeth
l b d Sep 2020
the gate froze
while he said

"two beings with silver
made their eyes"

wonder why
he had seen them
many times
l b d Sep 2020
she opened a door somewhere,
and a rhythmic familiar cried
(in tones of unspeakable disgust)

"the blackest passion
will mangle the world
in his mouth"
l b d Sep 2020
he would have to
control his menace;

with a blurred curtain
i collapsed in the
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