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ellbeedee Jun 3
lady hypnagogia,
i miss the warmth
of my body falling through
foggy air i cannot touch;
bring me back towards
the ever drifting drowse,
through all my hours
of jaded eyes
written for a contest on
ellbeedee Oct 2020
i wondered
if other planets
and mirrors
only control the past
beneath the windowless door
his companion
wished to explore
ellbeedee Oct 2020
the weather box
digested the clock

rooms crawl with
mysterious pink sun

at night,
the garden burned the silhouette
"the weather box digested the clock" is a line i'd consider using in another, longer piece. i love that image.
ellbeedee Oct 2020
it was lost
to the glowing spark

with a sigh
the serene morgue
set the smiling tissue aside
and summoned the slime
ellbeedee Oct 2020
the edge of the crystal
never came down
from the unconscious

(you're giving too much
and you killed your body)
probably my favorite of this particular collection
ellbeedee Oct 2020
midway between
the rope and the wheel

the energy withdrew
at the last quaver
ellbeedee Oct 2020
the brothers wearily dropped down
as the mud turned back the engine
and the ground left deep distance
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