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When someone dies, some lives are changed forever and some will go on like nothing happened. I just don't understand why the world doesn't stop when a life does.

Rest In Peace to the beautiful boy, the sweet boy who walked the halls of my school, you were too young
A boy at my school died in the hospital tonight in critical condition after being hit by a car yesterday. His name was Trevor, he was in grade 11 and he is the second young boy to pass away in the span of three weeks. This is an enormous tragedy that is so hard to accept and understand. This piece of writing is for him.
Call me a comet
as I race through the sky
my tail streams behind me
my life left in your sky

You'll see me only briefly
as I streak by your eyes
if you blink you may miss me
for I shortly light the sky

Though I burn brightly
my life is nearly spent
I'm on my way to ashes
but ,Oh! so glad I went!
She lies awake at night; inside screaming.
All the people in the house lay asleep; dreaming.
His voice begins to whisper into her mind, he never stops speaking.
The tears are always there, they are always leaking..
Her hurt is burdened by pain, loss, and anger.
She longs for the love of a stranger.

Little angel, can you hear my voice?
To end your life, is not the right choice.
Little angel, can you see my face?
It will hold the spot, till love can take its place.
Little angel, can you feel me?
I promise you will have my around always, even when you can't see.

You look at her, and the word that comes to mind is strong.
But when she looks at you, she pleads for you to see you're wrong.
She is trapped in a cage, and she is falling apart.
She has nothin left but the razor edged pieces of a broken heart.
Kiss the wounded parts of my soul..
Give me a heart that's beating, take back this lump of coal.

Little angel, dry your tears.
I'm here to listen, tell me all your fears.
Little angel, don't cut yourself tonight..
I swear it be true, your future will be bright.
Little angel, I know the pain you hide, I know the story buried within..
Darling girl, don't cover yourself in meaningless sin..

You know, little angel, your God is above..
He promises to deliver you all his love..
You must look up and trust he is in your heart.
He has loved you through all the mistakes; from the start.
Take and put the blade away sweetie, you're beautiful no matter what.
Promise you won't pull it out to cut..?

Little angel, this doesn't have to be the end of your story.
Don't close the book, just turn the page, write more about your glory.
Little angel, close your eyes and sleep a restful sleep.
Because no matter what, the angels have your soul forever to keep.
Little angel, this is goodbye for now, but you will see me again soon.
Just remember, i am just above the moon..
I miss you,
You know the hardest thing in the world is waking up and realising your not there,
That your voice won't be the first thing I hear,
I miss you terribly,
And honestly I don't know how to put it into words.

I miss you........
I can't put it down in words there's nothing to say other than I miss you.
i took a handfull of pills one day
hoping i would fly away,
and see jesus face to face,
escaping this god forsaken place.
i thought that it would set me free,
from being a living tragedy.
but i began to feel very sick.
i felt as if i had been hit in the head with a brick.
my stomache turned, and i began to cry.
i never really wanted to die. but now im gone.
and im never coming back.
daddys at my funeral, all toarn up and dressed in black. 
mom is busy crying, she would give the world, anything to get back her dear baby girl.
and i rot away, and all of my hopes anddreams they do too..., because i made a big mistake, thatno one could undo.
all of the plans that god had made for me, tragicly erased.all of my potential, has now gone to waste.
i never really wanted to die, i just wanted to end this pain, i guess that i thought that life, was nothing but a game.
A constant ache inside my chest
Weeping eyes that just won't rest
Eternal sadness is a constant fear
A lonely life if you're not here

A broken heart time cannot mend
A life without you is one I cannot comprehend
So hard to fathom that you're gone
A stabbing pain i can't move on
Losing you is the hardest thing I've ever had to do
My heart is permanently black and blue

I'll fake a smile when I can
But all I really want to do is see you again..

It's been two months since you've been gone
And I still ask myself why
I can't mend this heartache
Since the day you died
For my sister.. Angela Michelle Martin. Rest in peace my older & best friend. Only the good die young.
I walked into your room
And the closet door was open and there were clothes in it,
And that's impossible because I helped go through your things
What we trashed
What we donated-
I took the bag back to the rehab unit myself.
What we kept-
The white sweater you asked for, a button down that reminds me of you....
Which means-
To everyone else that closet is now just extra empty space
And that's exactly what I can't stand.

— The End —