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Alice Wilde Jun 25

Into sticky
Summer night.

The nape of my neck
Tickled by passing breath
Of flower scent.

Laughing with moon mother,
Was I mingling with constellations or

Surely I was dreaming.
Alice Wilde May 30
Honeydew nectar pulls me into her bussom.
Thick blankets of soil pregnant with rain
And rain boots.
Damp earth and
Silk moss beds cushion toes and rolling laughter
As I fall into spring.
Alice Wilde Apr 13
I’ll sleep when time rises
In the quiet
Of Saturdays.

And as heaviness weighs
My web-veined lids,
I’ll breath in

The silence that
Is morning.
Alice Wilde Mar 19
The fluidity of words
Consecrating more than
A simple idea
Has slipped away

And what’s left are
Empty hands and
Silent mouths
Void of sophistication
Alice Wilde Feb 25
Piercing, sun through glass bubble.
I look beyond
Through fog and moss
Curling around my legs
Like vines,

Pull me back to earth of sand an dirt.
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