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elizabeth Mar 15
Walking up and down green green fields following the groove of the rows plucking round emeralds from the moss trees everything a wash of the most lush colour of nature the colour of spring, the colour of fresh and clean, the colour of life and nourishment, set off by the cerulean sky this world doesn’t seem real, this place is so pure so peaceful I could walk up and down these rows all day sun on my skin laughter bubbling up and spilling from my lips as we pass the time sharing stories and pieces of ourselves as we duck and twist beneath the moss trees in the green green fields
elizabeth Mar 15
Each day every day when anxiety calls
I bear down and wait til sweet night falls
The sky turns to black and suddenly they’re there
My saviour my grace
The moon and the stars up there
They smile down upon me with a sparkle and say
Don’t worry darling child
You are so small
Nothing you do matters
Really, nothing at all
A weight is lifted and they whisper to me
You don’t need to carry this
Let me remind you, who you are
And just like that
I feel light and free
And it’s like I can see
The whole world, the whole universe
And I barely notice myself at all
Lost in space and time
Nothing, nobody
And finally
I can breathe
elizabeth Feb 4
Lazy dusty days drifting by slowly in an orange haze
Hot red sun burning down
Caressing my soft skin
With its suffocating, heady kiss
Drunk on rays of gold
Blessed with moments of sweet clarity, darling relief
as the air lifts my hair and bestows its blissful touch upon my warm body
Blue desert sky glides above me
A dream of oasis a taunting suggestion
Whispers of water and ocean
The call of the wild
Draws the breath from my lungs
With the night sky, yellow moon, river of stars

— The End —