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Eliza Hale Sep 2018
The leading cause of death for pregnant women is ******.
Givers of life should be fortified
Instead, their screams echo because no one heard her
Tender touches turn to purple hand-prints with two simple words,

" I'm pregnant."

Affairs are always understandable
Until two becomes three
Then the situation must be immediately handled
Then three becomes one so a marriage and a reputation is saved

But no one saved her.

Eating for two, sleeping for two, living for two
But the two are dying. The two are being murdered.
Killed by the one person who once suffocated them with love, now turn their lips blue
Voices shriek that abortion is wrong, but the voices hush when the one killed is the mom.

Quiet as the morgue she now lays in.
This is my first political piece, I just felt really passionate about this topic so let me know what you think!
Eliza Hale Aug 2018
“Did you take your meds this morning?”
Those words take back all the progress I’ve ever made.
My feelings are invalid because they are irrational.
Apperently having depression means that any emotion is dangerous
Apperently being medicated for it means that your negative emotions are a mistake.

“Did you take your meds this morning?”
My mother slaps when I’m not laughing singing and smiling at Breakfast.
Yes, I’m just calm.

“Did you take your meds this morning?”
My father shoots when I slam my door after an intense argument  
Yes, I’m just angry.

“Did you take your meds this morning?”
My friend spits when I cry over a deep broken heart
Yes, I’m just sad.

“Did you take your meds this morning?”
My brother taunts when I can’t talk to the cashier at Walmart
Yes, I’m just nervous.

Medications regulate emotions.
Medications do not erase emotion.
Emotions are valid, organic or controlled.
Eliza Hale May 2018
I entrusted you with a book filled with my favorite poems
I told you to look and read and tell me what you felt
I thought you knew that you were looking at pieces of me
Pieces that I loved and cared enough to share.
But you lost my book.
I should’ve known then you didn’t care about the pieces of me
Losing my book was the perfect metaphor for our relationship
I gave you everything, and you cared just enough to take it and lose it
Eliza Hale Apr 2018
I walk on eggshells to not upset you,
but it's hard to tell if it is working,
because my feet have gone numb.
You terrify me to my very core.

I never know if today will be a day that you love me
or love me not.
I'm like a daisy and you pick my petals whenever you want to,
but those days that you don't,
I miss your hands on me.
Because it lets me know you still want me.

People say you're abusing my mind,
but I can't tell what is real and what is not anymore..
I don't know if I want to tell.
What if everything becomes clear
and I lose you.
What if everything becomes clear
and you don't think I'm worth it.
What if everything becomes clear
and I'm

My friends say I'll never be alone because I have them.
But will they kiss my nose when I'm being stubborn?
Will they put my on their shoulders and parade me around their house?
Will they kiss me softly when I just want to be close?
Because they can't.

He's my lightswitch.
He brings my life light and joy,
but he controls when the darkness rains.

It terrifies me how in love I am with you.
It terrifies me how you could not love me at anytime.
It terrifies me how this could all be over tomorrow morning.
You terrify me.
But I let you, because you're my favorite nightmare.
Eliza Hale Mar 2018
The sun might not be shining,
the birds may not be singing,
and the stars may not be aligning,
but today is a good day.

I might not have friends today,
Some might even talk behind my back,
my progression through life might even delay,
but today is a good day.

I could fail a test,
I could forget a line,
I could be the worst dressed,
but today WILL be a good day.
Eliza Hale Mar 2018
I'm terrified.
I know if I don't repent God will punish me.
I want to be good I swear,
right now it's just so hard to be.

I know what I've done will take time to undo and forgive
I know with one meeting with my church leader this could all be over
I love what I'm doing at times
Some days I feel like a powerful rover

I love him so much and I want to please him.
He's so happy when we're intimate and so sweet
So I don't want to let him down.
I feel like I have high expectations to meet.

Then other days I can't get out of bed.
My sins fill every thought and every action
I can't look at him without wanting to leave,
I run and run but never get any traction.

I know the solution to my problems,
but I can't bring myself to do it.
I say I'll do it eventually, that my life is going to turn around.
But that is just my life becoming more and more split.

I know this
I know this
I know ALL of this...
I know all of these things, so why can't I do it?
  Mar 2018 Eliza Hale
Caroline E
Why is it that the nights fill me with sadness?
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